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Tracker Limit

Hi Folks,

Is there any limit on how long the Upwork tracker can run within a 24-hour period? Can it be used continuously for the entire day without encountering any problems from Upwork?

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As long as you're using your keyboard and/or your mouse Time Tracker will keep tracking your time. 


Time Tracker has no limitations on when you can use it - Upwork freelancers are working around the world throughout the day and night your local time. But your client is likely to question whether you are actually working at, say, 2:00 AM your local time.



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No limits.

But you may be suspended because alive person unable to work 24 hrs without sleep or food.

I think, and wanted to ask since yesterday, the sample/circumstances where we need to turn it on for 24 hours straight 😁


You don't turn TimeTracker on. You invoke it when you're busy working for a client.

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