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Why is UPWORK a complete #SERVICE FAIL for Clients?

I spent on or around $500 on UPWORK on multiple projects and non of the Freelancer(s) delivered.

Upon making a complaint to UPWORK i was continually ignored, resulting in make account being suspended.

UPWORK then attempted for many months to avoid me from using the Platform and following up on the failure of their platform.

UPWORK seemed not to care.

I finally have had my account reinstated - to find myself in the same quagmire of mutiple complaints.

UPWORK have billed and sent money to Freelancer(s) non of whom provided any work as outlined in contracts on the UPWORK platform.

UPWORK's attitude at all times has been - we made our cut and its not our problem.

UPWORKS business model clearly supports Freelancers against Clients.

Beware of UPWORKS unfair and capricious service to Clients.

(There business model makes money by denying any right(s) of Clients)




Paul: I understand what you are saying: You do not know how to use Upwork effectively, and you need help figuring out why.


It is true that Upwork is fairly simple for clients to use but there are ways to fail. There are "best practices" that can help you ensure that failures on your part are extremely rare.


One tip I can provide you with is this: Decide now that you will never file disputes or complaints against freelancers. Successful clients do not do so.


Instead, successful clients manage contracts proactively. They monitor work as it is submitted, and they quickly fire all freelancers who are not providing the best value for their project.


Remember: clients may fire freelancers at any time, for any reason. Successful clients keep this in mind, and use this extreme level of freedom to their advantage.


Please do not hesitate to read in the Forum to find more tips for how to succeed as a client. Please feel free to post here if you have specific questions.

Retired Team Member
Retired Team Member

Hi Paul,


I`m sorry to hear about the bad experience you had. One of our team members will reach out to you as soon as possible and assist you further directly via ticket. Thank you.

~ Goran

It is kind of the Forum Moderator to offer assistance.


But the original poster does not actually need any help from Upwork employees. The help he needs must be obtained here in the Forum.


In fact, his main problem was in thinking he could get help from Upwork personnel to overcome client errors, and trying to rely on non-standard tools (e.g. refund requests) rather than using the core system effectively.


The original poster needs to learn how to effectively post jobs, choose the right contract model for his needs, hire freelancers, monitor and evaluate their work, and close contracts on underperforming freelancers.


Already written Help documents and already available Forum threads, as well as actual Upwork users answering questions, can help him learn how to do these things.


Please can you inform me why your business model is based upon ignoring all
calls made to Upwork.



Hi Paul,


I checked and see that your concern was escalated by Goran and a member of our Executive Escalation team reached out to you via this ticket. Please, refer to the information she provided about the dispute process and timeframe as well as the role of Upwork in general.


Thank you!

~ Bojan

I am glad that an Upwork representative has communicated to the original poster about the role of Upwork in general.


It appears that there was more than one misunderstanding on the original poster's part with regards to what Upwork is, its role in general, etc.


This reminds me of the recent discussion:

Is Upwork's messaging to clients inadequate? Causing problems?


The original poster was incorrect in thinking that Upwork is telephone-based. He wondered why Upwork's "business model is based upon ignoring all calls made to Upwork." Upwork is certainly not telephone-based. It's business model is not based on ignoring calls. And nothing about the platform is centered on communication through phone or providing customer support through the telephone.


The more important misunderstanding - which may indeed be partialy Upwork's fault (that is the point of the other thread's discussion) - has to do with what type of service Upwork provides. The original poster seemed to think that Upwork provides goods and services... perhaps things like "web sites" or "project development." Upwork does not, in fact, provide such things, but instead provides opportunities for clients to find, hire, and pay freelancers who do various types of work


I don't doubt the original poster's disappointment. He feels like the $500 he spend on various projects through Upwork was wasted money. I'm glad for his sake that he did not spend $16,000 without seeing any results, which is what another client from another thread this week feels happened to her. In both situations, there appears to be a misunderstanding about Upwork's role. Anyone familiar with what Upwork's role actually is would likely identify failed project managment as the key problem in situations such as these. But that does not negate the fact that these situations represent genuinely disappointed clients. That is something that we want to avoid, and continued consideration about how to avoid such is warranted.

Who are you talking to?


At all times Upwork has ignored my requests for help according to all
parties Terms of Service:

A) "Upwork does not, in fact, provide such things, but instead provides
opportunities for clients to find, hire, and pay freelancers who do various
types of work."

Upwork refuses at all times to provide evidence of work according to the
Terms of Service provided by the last freelancer contract on Upwork and
Upwork's own TOS.

I've been fighting for over 2 years with Upwork.

B) "That is something that we want to avoid, and continued consideration
about how to avoid such is warranted."

Upwork at all times has avoided consideration despite TOS being broken,
including at all times Upwork's Terms of Service.