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Unable to Hire Freelance - Invalid Payment Method

I have my credit card on file, and have verified both payments. The credit card has sufficient balance for the job. When I attempt to Hire Freelancer, I get this message: 


>You don't have a valid payment method on file with Upwork. Please correct this before making an offer.


Hi Arthur,


Thank you for reaching out to us. It looks like the charge on your credit card keeps getting declined. Please make sure your card is set up to make international payments and has sufficient funds on it to complete the funding.

Please contact your card-issuing bank to confirm if they allow recurring transactions on your debit cards as Upwork payments are classified as ‘recurring’.


Regarding your PayPal. In order to use Paypal as a billing method on Upwork, your Paypal account must have a linked credit or debit card for recurring payments (for example, for membership fees). For cases like this, a funding source is required to add Paypal as a billing method. You can also check the options available to you and learn more about acceptable billing methods.  


You may want to talk to PayPal about what type of payment method can be added to your PayPal wallet. 


~ Nikola
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