Unable to message applicants who applied for my Job


Around 14 people applied for my job, i could see them in Applicants page. But in open jobs page and job posting page , it is showing empty list.


Because of that , i am unable to reach my applicants through message. Please let me know how to reach them. They havent shared their contact details in their cover page too

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi Sharepoint,


It looks like most of freelancers in your applicants list were invited to apply by you and it is currently pending their response. You can access the list of freelancers you invited to apply by clicking "Pending Invitations" on the right.

~ Valeria

Yeah... I can see how this might be confusing. But if you invite somebody to apply to your job, they are not REALLY an applicant until they actually choose to apply, regardless of whether you manually selected and invited them or if you invited a list of people using oDesk's often dubious auto suggest features.

They might more accurately be referred to as "invitees."

And you really should not have any special ability to contact a contractor or see a contractor's contact information just by virtue of having invited them to a job. Ideally that should happen only after they see your invitation and respond affirmatively that they are interested. This is not because Sharepoint W would in any way abuse the system, but it is because some spammers who register as oDesk clients might abuse the system if they were granted extra privileges just by sending invites to contractors.