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Unaccounted for invoice

Hi there, I am getting in touch as we have seen an unaccounted for payment invoice in our emails.


At the end of last week / beginning of this week I commissioned 3 freelancers:

2x $103

1x $206


We also have a job posted (for $200) but we have not received any interest on this yet.


However, we have received payment invoices for the following:

3x $103

1x $206


I'm not sure if we've been charged twice by accident or it's simply a mistake - but I have only commissioned three freelancers and therefore confused as to where the extra $103 invoice has come from. We'd like to double check everything we have commissioned is reflected in our invoices and to make sure we aren't being charged for anything extra!


Any assistance to help shed some light on this confustion would be great.




Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi Tom,


I checked and see that you just spoke with our support team over the phone. They'll have a follow up support request created for you and will continue assisting you directly.


Thanks for reaching out. 

~ Valeria
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