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Unfair feedback from a clients prospective

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Daniel B Member Since: Jun 12, 2017
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I've just recieved the worst possible feedback humany possible on my profile and I know without any shadow of a doubt it is unfair and unjust. 

Situation is this: 

I gave an Upwork Freelancer a subset of tasks to be done. As this Freelancer was considered to be an Agency by Upwork standards they had passed the work to one of their contracters.  As a result tasks were not done, they were infact not even what I had requested quite explicitly. 

I had expressed this matter to Agency who as per exact words stated... "I'm going to **Edited for Community Guidelines**". As if to refer his disgruntelment in the contractor. The Agency then offered to rectify the issue on a specified date within two weeks.  However the Agency had vanished.

Fast foward two months,I feel I have given more thena enough time to illeviate this matter and gave a very fair and justified 3.5 star review. 

In turn I get the following review back:

"The worst customer I have ever had, a big project that he did wrong, then we try to solve the problems, in addition the tasks were not clear at all, they do not know what Wants, Really to avoid"

Now I'd like to also say one other thing.. This is not a "budget" Agency or Freelancer. Their hourly rate is $62.50 an hour. I would of hoped that someone of this pay rate would of at least had some sense of proffesionalisim and maturity regarding their work not to mention onus of resbonsability. 

How do I go about getting this review seen by an Upwork Team member?

Vladimir G Moderator Member Since: Oct 31, 2014
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Hi Daniel,


I'm sorry about the outcome of your contract and feedback you received. Note that we can't change the feedback both freelancers and clients leave unless its in violation of Upwork ToS, which isn't the case here. I do see you responded to your freelancer's comment and shared your side of the story.

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Daniel B Member Since: Jun 12, 2017
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Thank you heaps for your reply. Yes I'm glad there was some sense of rationality applied in the end. Smiley Happy