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Unresponsive Freelancer and Mediator for a complaint about fraudulent activity

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Abe L Member Since: Oct 13, 2020
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Thanks buddy. We are all aware of fraud on the internet but some of these scam freelancers are very good at logging work that appears to be legitimate. In my case, the freelancer was hired to scan some IP addresses to help improve our company's cyber security and I was fed many pages of Work Diary that looked like the freelancer was indeed doing this work. It wasn't until a subsequent conversation that showed many inconsistencies that I realized he fed me fake Work Diary entries. He has been unresponsive since and the mediator has concluded mediation has failed. 


I am now purusing this fraudulent charge with my payment company in hopes to reverse the charge. I really didn't want it to come down to this because I know Upwork suffers as well but honestky I'm left without options.

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Vishal R Member Since: Oct 14, 2020
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I want to Thank whoever can help.

First of all my mistake was, I agreed on a fixed price and its mentioned in our chats and agreed upon but did not turn on fixed so, the freelancer kept billing and my credit card got hit. Thats whn I put a stop on entering hours but by then the money was gone. (Lesson learned)

I have borught this up with upwork and apparently I do not have the option for Mediation or Dispute only customner service group can talk to us. WOW. 

A bit about the whole 

  1. Delivery date was 15 August and we still don’t have a working solution
  2. We have never been able to have a call with the Manager
  3. There is no status update, timeline and no calls have ever been setup
    1. Only their developer has joined the call twice
    2. On the last call The developer agreed that the basic requirements were not working. We recorded that call
    3. We requested the Manager to join and still he never joined to see the issues.
    4. The manager keeps pointing out that the issue is at our end but how does he know if he is not part of the call or seeing the issues?
    1. We have had to follow up on lateness
    2. We have sent call details to join
  4. We have spent 55 hours providing feedback on their server for the requested feature and its still not functional
  5. Once the solution is ready we expect their developer to get on a call, and give us a walkthrough so we can begin Testing and we have asked for this several times.
  6. The Manager has the money and now, he is not willing to get on a call and is asking for more money
  7. He mentioned that they have done a lot more that we had asked for after August but they vanished and mentioned it was due to Co-vid and the product was not even delivered to us then.
  8. The solution has to work on our production server and not their vanilla install or even our clean server
  9. We have waited each night at 9 pm for their developer but there is always an excuse
  10. We keep getting files in an email and they ask us to install and Test but are unwilling to see the issues which we see in their module.
  11. The solution currently is useless
  12. It is not the matter of $700 anymore. They have wasted 3 months of our time and have never been available for a call.
  13. The Manger keeps saying we are reputed company but he is an invisible man who is scared as hell to get on a call

With no working solution, what are my options?


What we expect


Option A

A full refund and a firm warning to the Agency / Manager to be blacklisted if such behaviour occurs again


Option B


Have the Manager,  and us on the call to resolve this

Their developer to log in into our server, install the solution, Test it and deliver to us for QA after which we will provide feedback which they have to fix.


We will not log into their server and Test as we have done that but the solution needs to work on our server.
Does anyone think this will help or am i just banging my head against the wall?

Joanne Marie P Moderator Member Since: Nov 26, 2017
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Hi Vishal,


I'm sorry to hear about your experience working with this freelancer. I checked your account, and I can see that one of our agents is already assisting you on this ticket number: 29902277. The agent has shared more details with you on the ticket.

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Vishal R Member Since: Oct 14, 2020
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Thank you!