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Upfront fee's help

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Hi Fellow Clients Is anyone else having major issues with contractors and freelancers and agency staff on odesk asking for upfront payments before they have even discussed the job and done any work ? We are and its very grating on us now thats not how we do business you do the work you get paid thats how business has worked for years and years Discuss
You actually can buy a pint of milk and say you'll pay it later. It is called credit, and you get it by having a good reputation.
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Im a contractor but i am shy to ask upfront fee's,Lol
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Eh? The client paid you for a consultation, which you performed. Why did you return the money? You were paid for the job you did. You don't have to do additional work for the client if you don't want to.


This is in reply to Amy J. Koch's post. The posts are all out of order for me.

     The client said he wanted to hire me for the whole job having an interview with me is free, and I will write to you why.


The whole job was for 1200 dollars, and during the interview he said he would make milestones for the job after we hung up. The 25 dollars he added for a conversation was something I do not take, and he was supposed to erase, and use the 25 dollars toward the first milestone payment.


It is very important the milestones are clear when doing a months worth of work for 1200 dollars for a client. It has to be in writing so that there are no problems and a schedule made that both parties have to agree on before starting the work. Otherwise a client can just add more work and tell me I said I would do it.


For example: When we as graphic designers do a book page layout and design , which was 1 milestone of this job, we have to ask and rely on the author to give us the trim size because making a layout is a weeks worth of work or more,  and to redo the whole layout in a new trim size would be to start the job all over again. If the author does not do his research the way we kindly requested then later when the authors selling price of the book  can be very high for buyers, because of the trim size and the way they think the book lshould be ayed out. The author will come back and expect us to layout the book a 2nd time for free when that is 40 plus hours of work or more to layout a book, depending on the page count.


One time I had an author who hired a translator to translate their book and or edit their book and the book was translated incorrectly and edited incorrectly. So after laying out the book the author was upset when I had to charge them more money to relayout their book.


The situations are endless and this author wrote a bad star rating in private only after I did zero work for him, had a kindly interview, and treated him like gold, because we ever so kindly could not agree on the terms. I always agree with everyone on their terms and visa versa. If I were to take the 25 dollars he could have written a public review based on the milestone for our conversation. Having a bad review when you do not work for someone and they are frustrated for some reason, for 25 dollars is not professional, and a poor choice for any freelancer.


Thank you,