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Upwork Fee problem

Upwork is charging me twice for a 5$ job. My client paid me 5$ and after giving upwork service fee it was 4$ but now when the payment is available and I went to the get paid option upwork is charging another 1$. It might not seem much to you but as a new freelancer on this platform I need to know the terms of upwork. Can anyone please help me.




Upwork's fee in regards to what you receive from a specific client is as follows:

- 20% for the first $500

- 10% afterwards until $10,000

- 5% from $10,000 and up.

This is detailed here.

That explains the $1 that is charged on the $5 you got paid.


Withdrawal fees are entirely separate. Each time you withdraw funds, and depending on your withdrawal method, a fee is applied. They are clearly specified in the Payment Methods section of your profile settings.


This is detailed here.


To summarise, it's not that Upwork is charging you twice; it only looks that way because the 20% fee and the withdrawal fee are the same for a $5 job.

I hope this was helpful.

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi Dipanjan,


Please note that the Upwork service fee was applied once on the payment you received and the second charge is a small per-transfer fee related to the payment option you've set up on your account. Please check the Upwork fee details here and consider making fewer withdrawals in order to reduce the related transfer fees.

Ace Contributor

Hello Dipanjan,

Please note that the Get paid button is only used when you want to withdraw your earnings only.

and i would recommend not to withdraw such small amountl you should save up a bit on Upwork and then withdraw your earnings. the other 1$ is the Upwork fee of processing your payment.

Thanks for the info sir.