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Upwork feedback

Just wanted to share some feedback about Upwork from a business point of view.


  • The excessive amount of fields when posting a new job is extremely irritating. I would like to see it more like elance. Straightforward and not built for first-timers.
  • The message area continually breaks, preventing me from posting a new message to existing freelancers I have worked with in the past
  • Allow payments with different cards rather than having to toggle between two different sections.
  • The messaging section is terrible. If freelancers don't select that the enter button adds a line break, I receive 10 separate emails every time they hit return.
  • When I reply by email to a freelancer rather than loggging in, all these blank images pop up in the messaging section.

Please fix these issues. Elance was SUCH a better platform and now that we're being charged an extra 2.75% per transaction, I sure hope these extra fees will be to improve annoying issues like this because I haven't seen a single improvement since we were forced to move to this terrible system.


Hey Kristen,


I agree with you. however, want to correct one thing about payment. don't just look at extra 2.75%.


The elance fee were 8.75% and upwork 10% now its will be soon 20% from freelancer +2.75% from the client. I can't leave 20% just because they told it is charged from freelancer, I don't think so. When a higher fee charged obviously freelancer will increase his budget.


So it's extra 14% then Elance + there is a more tough procedure for connects as they charge USD2 instead USD1. it has to be considered since it is not viable to get jobs in just 30 free bids in each month.

Besides, service is just reverse in the manner fee is increasing.


God bless upwork freelancer's




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