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Upwork gave me investigation intimation due to a few disputes


I am quite disappointed today as I got this email (attached) from upwork mentioning that there have been a number of disputes against me and they'll monitor my account for 6 months to see if it should be permanently suspended or not.


I dont know why they dont review these things sensibly. Out of 200+ contracts there have been 8-9 disputes and those are mainly because my freelancers are commission based and we have a system fo verifying all payments. Nonetheless, I am reviewing each dispute and resolving it. Upwork needs to understand that contracts can be of different structures and intimating a well reputed freelancer and client with 450k+ earnings and TOP RATED PLUS profile that they might get their account permanently suspended is totally frustrating. I have been using upwork from the time it used to be ELANCE and ODESK and I have brought several freelancers on the platform through "Bring your own talent" feature but they seem to have a unidirectional thought process that is unable to see the diversity that exists on the platform.


On one hand they say that the very relationship is based on trust and on the other hand they are threatening a freelancer with about half a million dollars in upwork earnings and an active clientele. I need to connect with their product team to make them understand that the contracts nowadays are not so much straight forward and involve trust at the core of the relationship.


Please share your thoughts on this problem.


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On the one hand, I hope that you get the clarification you seek. On the other hand, I am actually encouraged that Upwork is willing to review even its higher-performing users. It indicates an equality of treatment based on merits, not income. Consistency of application is another matter entirely; I doubt that there are reports on account reviews and actions taken that are available to the public.


Hello Muhammad,


Apologies for any inconvenience this may have caused. As Jonathan has noted, all accounts are treated fairly, and when such triggers to our system happen, we look at our ToS and take actions based on our internal processes. But of course, Upwork will first get in touch with you to try to resolve the issue and not suspend your account right away, hence the email. 


We will work with you to try to understand what's happening and not just suspend your account right away. 


I see you're already in communication with our team. Please don't hesitate to update them if you have further questions or concerns. You can access your support tickets here.

~ AJ
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I fail to understand where do the disputes come from: your clients or your freelancers? 

He said that these freelancers filed disputes against him (as the client).

Thank you Preston. It's not good to make those who work with you unhappy. Is the expectation that earning a lot of money entitles to stretch and break the rules and Upwork shall close both eyes on that? I wonder, in which context the words "trust" , "diversity",  "different structures" , "straightforward" are being used? 

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Are these jobs yours? Or do you have an agency, and the problems were with your employees or whatever you call them?

Yeah, it is really confusing.

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Don't worry it will be fine

Mohammad Mobeed:

I am 100% on your side.

Because you are the original poster asking for advice.

I want to help you.


re: "Out of 200+ contracts there have been 8-9 disputes and those are mainly because my freelancers are commission based and we have a system for verifying all payments."


Let's keep mind that no action has been taken against you. Upwork is simply notifying you that you are being investigated, because many freelancers have filed disputes against you.


You mention the $450,000 dollar figure.

But this is how much you have earned as a freelancer, not how much you have spent as a client.


The solution to your concern is very simple:

Never again block payments to the freelancers you have hired.


Don't risk substantial continued earnings as a freelancer by doing something to try to "save" a relatively tiny amount of money in payouts to freelancers.


If you stop blocking payments to freelancers you have hired, them Upwork won't suspend your account. That is what they are essentially telling you, right?

What can you do instead? If a freelancer disappoints you or is underperforming, then fire the freelancer. You can fire freelancers any time you want. That will be safer and more professional than blocking payments to freelancers.


One thing to keep in mind is that Upwork does not actually support commission-only hiring on the platform. So when you try to contort their intended payment system into something it was never meant to be used for, it isn't surprising that you run into problems.

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