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Upwork, please fix your user interface

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Lasse G Member Since: May 1, 2019
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Upwork, please hire a UX-designer and fix your user interface – make it user friendly and intuitive. Even basic things are flawed:


  • For example, clicking my user name in the header (after clicking the round user icon) closes the pop-up window. Why would it not take me to my user profile?
  • Clicking the notification icon in the pop-up window (see attachment), which tells me that I have 1 unread message, closes the pop-up window. Why would it not take me to my messages?
  • Clicking the "Upwork Community" logo in the community-header does not take me to the home page of Upwork community. Why not?
  • Not all links have a pointer-cursor, indicating a clickable link. The "attachment" link below the text box when writing a new topic is just one example.

This is really just basic principles of interface design. And we haven't even talked about the heart of Upwork – Jobs, Freelancers and Reports.


After spending one hour to find out where I can find my freelancer feedback, I realised just how bad your interface design is. Sorry to say it. But I'll have to. Because the concept and overall principles of Upwork is really great, and I'll continue to use your site and hire more freelancers.

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Michael S Member Since: Aug 29, 2017
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It gets even better. On the rare occasion a client actually declines a proposal (vs. simply not replying at all), you get a notification, which takes you to the job post. But nowhere does it tell you why the proposal was declined. For that, you have to go to the email you were sent about it, which seems to be the only place the reason is listed.