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Upwork's UIUX quality has been degraded

Can someone (a coder will be good) tell me why Upwork's UIUX quality has been degraded since last year ?

I can't even find a person whom messaged me previously.

So many UIUX flaws.

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Can you be specific what changes you don't like? Are the changes via your PC or phone?

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Yesterday, I got a job invite. 
After 5 minutes, I opened the job to submit a proposal but there was no option to submit it. ( maybe the client has deleted it from his side.)

Before this ( and except this ), I never experienced any UI-related issues. 

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Arooj, that is a flaw that I recently experienced regarding handling invitations. If the job posting is closed before you respond to the invitation - accept or reject - the invitation is locked. You will need to contact Support to get the invitation removed.

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Upwork' phone/app are definitely horrific, I never used it.


So I have been talking about web. They keep making changes, here's the 2 most pain point :

- Payment UX, it's so horrific that it needs me to contact support / create ticket in order to pay, then upwork blame me for making too much ticket as if I am the one causing their resource be strained.

- Chat, it was better last time, now it's super lagy (I have cleard cache), l can't find previous chatted person, etc. Just so bad



I have worked with 370 clients and never heard of any of those issues.


Just click the Approve button when you want to pay?


Was there a temporary bug when you tried to pay?

you can't see it as a freelancer

William is also a client.

William T C wrote:

Was there a temporary bug when you tried to pay?

Not a temporary, because I keep seeing. Like you can't even find a person whom you lastly chatted with. So it may give a reason why many people wants to communicate outside eventhough I personally prefer to communicate inside here.

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Why upwork does not do something about this ?

There are far too many bugs here, it feels like the platform is dying.

Here's one more https://prnt.sc/rbzG4pUlH11o (fixed rate determined as hourly).


Honestly, Im a very super active clients on many freelancing platform, but the UX is worst in upwork in terms of web/app whereas I don't see so much of these in other sites. That will really hampers the business so bad.


Upwork UI is just best and the number of users is a lot, that's what's really holding it up.


Hi Ely,


Thank you for sharing your report.  We’ve escalated your community post to a support ticket. One of our agents will be in touch with you soon to assist.

~ AJ
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Hii Sir

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