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Upwork website doesn't display properly

I go to the website and the menus are scrampled across the screen.  I can;t access my messages, jobs, or anything. 

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Your browser issue. From my side it looks as expected.

How would one expect to fix this expected issue?

Fast way is other browser. Check from. Or from cellphone, is all good from there.

Also you always can hire someone to help with your settings.

this website is the onbly website i have ever had issues with.  thanks for being so helpful

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Similar display in my Chromebook. An old Chromebook but (of course) always updated and I believe the browser (Chrome) is still following the latest standards although probably different than the ones on Windows etc.


Yes it's only on Upwork website from as far as I can see.


It's probably Upwork, who use some non-standard or experimental CSS.


And no the "solution to all problems" (cookie clearing etc) doesn't work for me.

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