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Re: Upwork won't let me pay a worker.

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Melissa C Member Since: Jul 22, 2017
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Zack, I agree with you. And you sound like a great client. As long as the freelancer wasn't misrepresenting themselves or having someone else do the work in their make, I agree that they deserve to be paid.

We don't know why your freelancer was suspended and I think it's admirable that you're giving them the benefit of the doubt.

But that freelancer, had they read the terms of service, probably knew that their payments could be withheld in the case of suspension. They could have done anything from having two accounts to submitting too many copy paste proposals without getting many jobs. We'll never know.

If your freelancer doesn't expect you to pay them, don't worry about it. If they don't have PayPal or a bank account, then something fishy was probably going on because you need a method of payment to be a freelancer on Upwork in the first place.

But it's really nice of you to worry about that and you're a good client. Most clients would take the money and run; however, so good for you for being a decent person.
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Petra R Member Since: Aug 3, 2011
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@Zack E wrote:

If you accept someone's identity and enter into a contract with them, and accept valuable work from them, you can not then later say, "Actually, we now don't believe you, and thanks for the free work."

 Oh you can, there are many situations like that, where it would actually illegal to pay them. Say, for example, the freelancer said they are in Russia but are really in Crimea, Upwork would be legally forbidden to have any business dealings with them because of the US sanctions. Any company that handles funds is also bound by KYC (Know Your Customer) legislation so that comes into it.


Generally if a freelancer is kicked off the platform they DO get paid. It is only in serious cases that funds are refunded to the client.


Zack E wrote:  Though it's really hard to see what scam starts with doing a weeks worth of unpaid programming work. 

 I would hazard a wild guess that when / if you get on Skype you may possibly find your programmer in China or not too far from there..............