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Viewing List of Job Applicants

Ace Contributor
Mark B Member Since: Feb 7, 2016
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Hi.  I'm a Platinum client spending over $100k annually on Upwork, and I'm very frustrated.


Every time I post a new job on Upwork, the user interface seems to have changed dramatically, meaning I have to re-learn how to create a good job posting, view/sort/shortlist applicants, etc.  I'm fine with constant changes if the UX is improving and changes are adopted incrementally, but from my perspective the interface is now more confusing and more unreliable than it has ever been.


Last night, I simply could not view the list of applicants on my latest job post.  Today, the list of applicants is loading, but they seem to be ordered randomly, and clicking the "load more" button at the bottom of the applicant list does not actually load any new applicants.  The sort order (I'm trying to sort by Oldest Applications and work through the list chronoligically) does not seem to function properly, and I'm seeing duplicate applicants listed for the job.  I also see some of the candidates I've already archived are back in the main list of applicants (although some appear to be properly archived, while others aren't).


Is it too much to ask for a simple way to view the list of job applicants on a single page, listed in some logical order (such as the time their application was received), with the ability to very easily archive and shortlist the best candidates?  As it stands right now, I can't view the entire list of applicants, and I have no idea if there are better applications that I'm not able to view due to glitches and a totally disfunctional sorting system.  


Upwork has recently announced a massive increase in fees, which is frustrating enough in itself, but now it seems harder than ever to find good candidates or use the Upwork website... it sure feels like Upwork is doing everything possible to show me their 'preferred' applicants rather than the most qualified candidates.  


There has also been no improvement in the number of completely unqualified applications received for any jobs I post... for my recent customer service job post, I checked the "prefer independent contractors" box as well as the "East Asia" location preference and the "minium 1 hour billed" box.... and then Upwork's "recommended freelancers" list features mainly agency-affiliated Pakistani programmers and Kenyan translators with no hours billed.  Totally useless.


Sorry for the rant, but I simply have to air my frustrations in hopes that Upwork will take action to improve the client user experience and start justifying the recent increase in fees.  

Community Manager
Valeria K Community Manager Member Since: Mar 6, 2014
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Hi Mark,


I am sorry you have been struggling with reviewing and sorting applicants for your jobs. We'll have a member of the team reach out directly to you and address your concerns.

~ Valeria
Community Guru
Wendy C Member Since: Aug 24, 2015
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Mark, your rant is more than justified and mirrors much of what providers have been grumping about as far as a near inoperable interface.


U's "preferred candidates" is nonsense - buyers can read and buyers can evaluate.  All would be resolved IF U implemented some kind of control on who could bid. 


FWIW - a bunch of us 'feel your pain'.


As far as fees are concerned - I believe the intent is to rid the site of incompetents so clients don't have to wade thru garbage and/or bot bids; deal with fools, etc.  If I'm correct in my thinking - this will be a plus for everyone.

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Mark B Member Since: Feb 7, 2016
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@Wendy -- thanks, nice to know I'm not alone.


However, I'm skeptical about any plans Upwork has for improving the quality of job post candidates.... there are so many ways to improve the user experience and user interface for clients, but none have been implemented since I started using Upwork 3 years ago.   


For instance, how about a way to archive/hide all applicants who don't meet a certain requirement / preference?  If I could eliminate all candidates with 0 hours billed, for instance, or make a shortlist of candidates with over 100 hours billed and 100% feedback, I'd instantly be able to filter the crappy candidates and hone in on the handful of ones who are actually qualified.


And the recommended freelancers that Upwork shows for any job post -- how hard would it be to make that list actually include only contractors who meet the requirements specified in the original job post?


These are simple tweaks that could've been implemented 2 years ago, but if anything the process has only become more confusing and frustrating over time.


I understand that I'm only one client and my requests and preferences when it comes to the UX and job posting process are not shared by all clients, surely Upwork can poll clients like myself and others to collect feedback and suggestions (we've never been approached at any point by Upwork for this type of feedback) and implement the features that are commonly requested by high-value, high-volume clients.  

Ace Contributor
Mark B Member Since: Feb 7, 2016
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@Valeria -- thank you for the quick reply, look forward to the follow-up

Community Guru
Wendy C Member Since: Aug 24, 2015
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Mark, this won’t solve your problem but when E and O morphed into U it was, in many ways, like combining apples and oranges to create something called “aplanges”.  E functioned more heavily on fixed price jobs – ergo when people were migrated to U they showed up with zero hours – despite any number of jobs, satisfied clients and high accolades.  I’ll not discuss the pros and cons of hourly v fixed other than to say contingent on the type of work required, fixed often makes more sense.


I can only speak from personal experience but if/when I submit a proposal on U I tell the prospective client I’m a past eLancer with a darned impressive track record but no U history.  I don’t know what areas you are sourcing contactors for – but it might behoove you to glance at the first or second paragraphs of the bids to see if this is the case for candidates.