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Voice Talent vs Voice Talent

This post pretty much is a sequal to my post a few years go - Hire the Voice, Not The Rate: There's no doubt about it, there are a lot of people getting on the band wagon in the voiceover biz. The market is full of people who have been told, "Hey, you have a great voice! Have you ever thought about going into radio or TV, or making some money with your voice?" Or, whatever variation has been expressed to those individuals with "great" voices. Yours truly is no exception. I, however, aspired to get into radio back when I was about 17 years young. Back then, it seemed that the only way to get into that business, was to know someone already in it. So, I took up a career path not associated with broadcasting, acting or voice over work. I needed to get a "real career" according to my parents. Well, here I am some years later in life, and have decided to pursue what I call my second career, or my post IT / Telecommunications "retirement" work. Why? Because I have a "great voice" according some. I'm no stranger to doing voice over work. I've done it without really knowing I was throughout my life and work. I've done acting, and my voice was tapped by the companies I worked for, because I was told I had the voice for narrating power point slides, or recording the company greetings on the business phone system, and even recording those intercept recordings you get from the telephone company when your phone call doesn't go through. But enough of that. Let's talk about voiceover talent vs. voiceover talent. "What do you mean by that?," you ask. Well, I'm glad you asked. What I'm about to say here, I mean no disrespect toward anyone in the biz. Uh oh! - Okay! Hold on and don't get your skivvies in a twist. What I mean is this. There are Voiceover Talents and then there are Professional Voiceover Talents. Or, what we like to be called, Voiceover Artists, Narrators, Voice Actors, etc. There are many who have popped up in the business who have very good voices, and manage to do a fair amount of business, often for way less money than a true professional voice. Most of which are in it as part time job or hobby just for some extra money. I say, good for them. But, just as there are different voice talents, there are also different voice seekers, seeking a voice talent for their project. Some clients are seeking a bargain, and are going to hire those voices that are right for their project and are not necessarily a professional voice. Kudos! You get what you're looking for at the price you want or budget will allow. Then there is the voice seeker who is looking for a professional voice, because they want to portray a professional image to their own clientele, and are willing to pay extra for that image. It's goes under the heading of "Advertising" and should be included in their advertising budget if they have one. So, who are the professional voices? In a nutshell, professional voices are those who have invested a considerable amount of time and money in proper training, continuing vocal improvement, voice coaches, etc. and have a fair investment in a professional home based studio. I'm not talking about having a computer with some recording software, often freeware, and a headset with a boom mic. I'm talking about a professional studio with serious sound abatement, a Digital Audio Workstation (DAW) with pro software, two or three or maybe more mics, a mixer, a mic interface, etc. this is serious business and often, a pro is doing this full time, like me. A professional Voice Artist has taken the time to understand the business, to learn recording techniques, script interpretation, audio production, characterizations, and a myriad of other nuances of the business.* Their target is the client that wants a true professional voice, be it for a corporate presentation, educational and training systems, audiobooks, documentaries, TV and Radio Commercials, etc., and even phone messaging & IVR prompt recordings. Along with that, is a fair rate for the work being done. Most non-union freelancers will charge rates just below the union rates and set their rates according to and in line with what union rates are (SAG, AFTRA, etc.) For the most part, the part time or hobbyist voice talent who takes on any and every job at less than professional rates, generally can't afford to put together a professional studio and really doesn't work to improve his or her talent. They will usually manage to get by, and struggle to learn through self-improvement channels. They will also have managed to put together their own demo, build their own website, and market themselves using whatever means can be had for very little money. The Professional Voice will have professional demos created by another professional typically in the business of producing demos. The Pro Voice website will have eye appeal and is well designed by a professional web designer. And, the Pro will also invest in a good marketing strategy and even be listed on talent agency websites. *One other thing you generally get with a Professional Voice Actor / Talent, is someone who is genuinely interested in and concerned with your success, and will often provide service beyond just having a great voice. It's not always about the money - but it's always about providing great service and having a completely satisfied client. So, the next time you have a project that needs a voice - you decide if you want a good voice or a professional voice. Is your business or project worth the extra dollars to project a professional image, or will you be satisfied with just a good, maybe even a great voice with no professional experience or training?

My alarm bells ring when I see jobs saying " I want the best quality voiceover for the cheapest price"


A lot of us have invested money into having good quality audio equipment and home studios.


Good Luck out there 🙂



This is just a feedback. Use it or trow it to the trash, as you wish.

Your verbosity level is excessive in my opinion.


Sorry, this is only an opinion. My experience is that heavier posts in a forum fail to reach any target. People just lost interests quickly in the problems of other people when they need invest a lot of time just understanding the problem. You will lose probably the 90% of your audience before reaching the 20% of your post. Thus, you have a useless 80% that nobody sees and nobody cares.

Your text is well written but everybody needs to breath sometimes. If you want to reach a wider audience I'll suggest to use the 'post options' ->  'edit post' option to make the text shorter or at least restructure it in several paragraphs.