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Webform with target Database

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Hitesh S Member Since: Dec 12, 2013
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Creating Webforms with the Target E-Mail works fine. If i try to target it to a database, it fails for me. I can't find any documentation, describing what to be done to make that feature work properly. I defined 'target: database' and 'form-id: myformorso' in the Webform. Also there was a hint to define a property named 'WebFormDataPath'. But i have no idea what to insert here. I tried a path inside my project an the / filesystem. I tried with an without trailing /. Whenever the form is submitted, it results in an error. I asume, that a 'database' or something like that needs to be created first. But i can't find any instructions, how to do that. Please, can anyone point me to the right path? Thanks in advance for any hint.