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Weekly invoice summary

How can I get a weekly invoice summary sent to a specific email address? 



Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi Matthieu,


All the notifications, including notifications about weekly timesheets being submitted, are sent to the email address you currently have registered with your Upwork account. You can change that email address, you can go to Settings> Contact Information. 


The invoices can be accessed in Reports> Transactions History by clicking the reference number next to the transaction.

~ Valeria

Hi Valeria -


I finally figured out how to get the invoice (as you mention, Reports -> Transaction History), but the question in the thread was getting UpWork to email me (the employer) an invoice.  


I get a weekly email with hours worked, but this doesn't have the UpWork fee and therefore is rejected by my accounting dept.  I need to provide them with the Invoice, not Receipt.  


How can I set up UpWork to email me Invoices weekly?  


Thanks in advance,


Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi Steve, 

This can be requested through the Customer Support Team. They have emailed you directly to assist you with this request. 

~ Avery

Yes! This is what I need. Weekly invoice or summary by email. I am the company owner, so I don't know why I'm not getting them now. I'd actually like to send them directly to our accounting department.

I'd like the Customer Support Team to help me with this, but how do I contact them/you?

Hi Nelly Jane,


I requested a member of our team to reach out and assist you with this request. You will be able to access the ticket here. Thank you for your patience.

~ Bojan
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