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What Are Client Tiers (ie. Platinum Tier)?

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Kenneth D Member Since: Sep 12, 2015
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Hello Everyone,


I have been able to observe that there are some clients that have "Platinum Tier" on their profile. I am assuming there are other tiers as well.


So I have the following questions.


1. What are these Client Tiers?

2. What different Tiers are there?

3. How do you achieve each Tier?

4. Why is there no info on this?


Thank you Smiley Wink



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Petra R Member Since: Aug 3, 2011
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Essentially it is how much a client spends or has spent, such as 10000 per month, 50 000 over a certain time etc.


I can't remember the exact numbers, unfortunately, and the tiers change from time to time too.


but a tiered client has significant spending.

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Carlo P Member Since: Sep 12, 2015
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Can you be a bit more specific on the reply?

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Kenneth D Member Since: Sep 12, 2015
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Since there is no apparent info out there, I did my own research, and I concluded that...



it is NOT Spending:


Client 1: Has Spent Over $9,000,000 on Upwork. You read correctly, it is 9 MILLION dollars. Platinum Tier? No. Bad rating? Not at all (4.93)

Client 2: Has Spent Over $800,000 and 4.99 rating on Upwork. Platinum Tier? Nope. 



Client 3: Has spent around $15,000 on Upwork. Platinum Tier? You bet!


it is NOT Rating:


Client 1: 5.00 rating, 50 reviews. Has spent over $69,000 on Upwork. NOT Platinum.


Client 2: 4.80 rating, 29 reviews, Has spent between $40,000 - $50,000. IS Platinum.



it is NOT hire percentage:


Client 1:  90% hire rate.  4.93 rating $9,000,000 Spent: NOT Platinum.


Client 2: 39% hire rate. 4,99 rating. Over $50,000 spent, IS Platinum



REALLY, it is NOT a combination of these factors:


Please compare the following two Clients:


Client 1: 4.99 average rating (274 reviews), 74% hire rate (417 posted), $15.19/h average, $882,000 spent

Client 2: 4.72 average rating (39 reviews), 65% hire rate (60 posted), $14.37/h average, $169,000 spent 


Which is the Platinum? You guessed it. Client 2.


How about these:


Client 1: 5.00 average rating (11 reviews), 38% hire rate (61 posted) $12.06/h average,  $225,000 spent

Client 2: 4.80 average rating (29 reviews), 72% hire rate (64 posted) $21.31/h average, $45,000 spent

Client 3: 5.00 average rating (16 reviews), 43% hire rate (59 posted) $14.04/h average, $15,000 spent


Which are the Platinum? You guessed it: Client 2 and Client 3.



Finally, here is some of my bibliography (these are non Platinum Tier clients with huge spending)


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EDIT: I just noticed that Petra said "over a period of time", so maybe this is the hidden factor. Maybe it is the density of payment that determines it. Smiley Wink


Smiley Happy




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Darrin O Member Since: Jan 20, 2015
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@Kenneth D wrote:

 I just noticed that Petra said "over a period of time", so maybe this is the hidden factor. Maybe it is the density of payment that determines it. Smiley Wink

I recall once coming across a client that had posted several jobs without any hires.  Had all the indicators of being a scammer.  Somehow had a silver tier badge.  So, like many of the "features" on Upwork, it's just another bogus marker that makes no sense, encourages fraud, and should (at best) be ignored.


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Natalie B Member Since: Sep 1, 2015
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I just came to the forum to search what Platinum Tier means, as I'm reading a job post by a client who is touted as "Platinum Tier" with the little trophy icon. But they have ZERO history and it says they've been a client since October 29 - a week?! Specifically:


2 Jobs Posted
0% Hire Rate, 1 Open Job


I realize that some clients are merging over from Elance, but I thought those clients would show a history? What gives here?

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Idan S Member Since: Jan 19, 2016
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Luckily we have platinum tier. I guess it mostly sums the amount of work you supply to various freelancers, stars rating etc. but heavily based on the hidden feedback each freelancer gives you and activity (this could be also depend on disputes you ask etc).



You have the known stars and feedback which is shown to all. So, I believe it's a second mechanism built on the hidden feedback and activuty you cannot see (and is too complex to show), in a way nicer clients and those who make freelancers happy with the platform would probably be with a better tier than others (we for example almost never dispute client work or not paying even when client did a very bad job, we just cut him off).


I base my guess on that that most freelancers won't give you a bad feedback even when you are a really bad client. So the hidden feedback and the activity between the two is a very good base to understand how the relationship went. You can probably have a 5 stars client that working with him would be a pain in the ass but you won't want to stop the job because it would harm your rating. That's the place upwork could really understand what was there...


Just a guess because there is no other element that make sense but there is also no way to prove it... :/

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John K Member Since: Feb 17, 2015
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I think Upwork should put up one of those little question mark balloons after Platinum Tier like they do after TOP RATED and Job Success so freelancers can hover over it and find out what it means. Gotta keep those developers doing important work. Cat Wink



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