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What if im not satisfy?



Im on my way to make my first upwork contract. I want to hire a freelance to make my logo, but as my first time, i dont know what could happens if im finally not satisfy with the work done by the freelance. Would i get protected by upwork? if i dont like, would i get refund? Im just getting in the worst case, hope not need for refund.


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If you don't like the work the freelancer submits, hire another freelancer to do it.  But you shouldn't request a refund if the freelancer does the work and you're not satisfied.  If he's close, ask for a revision.  If he's not, he spent the time - pay him (or her).  

If you're working with them on a fixed-price project, then once they submit the work, you have 14 days to either approve the work, or request revisions. If you don't do anything in those 14 days, they get paid automatically.


So to make sure things go smoothly, review their work right away. If you're not satisfied, use that time to ask them for revisions and have them resubmit (which resets the timer back to 14 days).

Successful businesspeople pay for work they can't use. That is one of the secrets of their success.


If you're really not sure about hiring a freelancer, feel free to use an hourly contract. If you do that, it doesn't put you on the hook for any amount of money other than the time that the freelancer logs.


For example, you could hire an illustrator and set the maximum number of hours she can work in the week to a single hour. You can have her work on your project, and send you the results of her work after an hour. If you don't like her style. You can close the contract right then and there and you don't need to pay her anything other than for the single hour that she worked.


If you use a fixed-price contract and the freelancer finishes the specified task, but you don't like her work, then you need to pay for that work, but you should choose to NOT work with the same freelancer again.


If you want to be cautious about spending AND you want to use a fixed-price contract, then you simply start with a small task. Instead of asking a freelancer who you have never worked with before to draw 10 funny cats for $100... ask her to draw just ONE funny cat for $10.


If you love her work, then hire her to do more. If you don't love her work, then that's it. DON'T hire her to draw 9 more cats. Not instead of wasting $100, you only invested $10.

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