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What is a reasonable price for this work?

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William H Member Since: Feb 11, 2019
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Thanks in advance.

Hello All,

I need some input on what a resonable amount would be for this project. Trying to set my budget.

This is a shopify checkout that needs to be modified. 

-- When a customer selects "Add To Cart" I would like for them to be taken directly to the shopify checkout page. Skip the cart page.

-- When a customer selects "Subscribe & Save" radio button then selects add to cart, I would like for them to be taken to the recurring orders checkout page, which is handled by stripe. Again, skip the cart.I am using bold subscription app.

 -- I would like to retain the functionality of hiding the buy it now (or amazon, or paypal) button when the "Subscribe & Save" radio button is selected.


Thanks in advance for the feedback.

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Preston H Member Since: Nov 24, 2014
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We want you to have a successful experience while using Upwork.


But there are extreme limitations to what kind of information we can provide you here in this Forum regarding your particular question.


To get better information, you should post this description on the main Upwork site as an actual job posting.


Actual freelancers who know how to do this work and are willing to do the work for you will be able to provide you with cost estimates.


You may be better off hiring using an hourly contract.

Or breaking your overall goals into smaller, discrete tasks.

You may be asked to provide a "budget". You could simpy type in $5.00.

Or $500.


...And write a note in the job description that you don't know how much this should cost, and ask freelancers to provide a DIFFERENT value, because your dollar amount was just a placeholder.