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What is the best way to hire 2 different freelancers for the same project?

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Eric A Member Since: Apr 24, 2020
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I created a project that I thought would talke one freelancer, but now I need two What is the best way to handle this? Do I need to create a new job posting for my second freelancer? If I do that how can I just send it to that individual freelancer so I'm not sending it to everyone and getting slammed with a ton of responses?

Any help would be appreciated.


BTW: Pretty ridiculous that you don't have a customer service person I can talk to that could answer this questions in less than 30 seconds. Instead I have to search to find an answer in a stinking forum and when I can't find an answer there I get to write this long explanation. Lame.... very lame! 

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Preston H Member Since: Nov 24, 2014
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Ultimately, the decision to use two different job postings or only one job posting does not matter as much as who it is that you hire, and how you manage the project.


I have used a single job posting to hire over a dozen freelancers.


And I have also hired multiple freelancers for the same project, using a separate job posting each with slight variations.


I pretty much always state in the job posting that I plan to hire only one person, even if I plan to hire many.


If you have a job posting that you don't want tons of people to see, all you need to do is set it to a private job posting, and use the "Invite" button within the job posting to invite a specific freelancer to send her proposal to you.


re: "BTW: Pretty ridiculous that you don't have a customer service person..."

For future reference, the Community Forum is very chatty, with lots of people who are happy to answer questions from Upwork users.


It is typically much easier and faster to get an answer using the Forum.