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What to do - companies contacting my clients working around upwork

I help out a lot of people directing them to worthy programmers.  I don't hide much in my postings and clearly state to not directly contact the client because they will just forward the email to me.  


I know this is a terms of service violation to go outside of upwork and solicit work on a job promoted within the platform.  I even tell them don't contact the client.  they do it anyway.  One particular job had over a dozen people email my friend/client directly.  


What should I do with all these emails?  I already don't trust the programmer, they didn't submit a bid and tried to work around upwork.  Should I turn them in, how would I do that?  


And to those that say "I shouldn't put the website address".  I'm not trying to make money here, just trying to evaluate good candidates to help companies and people I support.  So I have nothing to hide and often ask for input on 'what would you do' to see if the candidate is paying attetion. 


Obviously, I would not hire them because they didn't follow simple directions, but now I'm interested in getting them booted off of upwork since there are so many looking to game the system.  

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Retired Team Member

Hi Ken,

Please submit a ticket to our customer support with all of the evidence attached on your ticket. Our team will investigate this further for violations on our TOS and take actions accordingly. You can contact our customer support on this Link.

If you have any additional questions fell free to post them here, if private details are involved please send me a PM(click on my name), thank you.

~ Goran
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If your job posts are public rather than “Upwork Users Only” many, if not most of those may not even be Upwork users but chancers who don’t even have an Upwork account but trawl the listings for just this purpose...


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But if they *are* only visible to Upwork users, then perhaps you should state in your job description that anyone directly contacting the client will be reported to Upwork.
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