What to do if your feedback doesn't show up

I hired a contractor and left great feedback, but the feedback does not appear under my past hired or her profile. How can I leave her some feedback and make it public? It has been over a month since the end of the contract.

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi Paul,


The feedback shows either once both the client and the freelancer provided it or after 14 days. It looks like the contract ended on December 22nd so it should appear today or tomorrow.


Thank you for your patience!

~ Valeria

A client has left me a feedback, and I left him a feedback as well. Yet, it doesn't appear on my profile. Please help!

Eelam, just be patient.
Many things on oDesk are cached. Wait 24 to 48 hours before worrying about this.

Also, you may see different sets of feedback reviews if you are logged in versus not logged in on the oDesk website.

Often you can NOT see feedback reviews immediately on your profile, but you CAN see the the feedback immediately if both client and contractor have submitted reviews if you click on the Jobs tab in your account and then click on past contracts and click on the specific contract you are interested in. Feedback can show up there before it shows up on you public profile.