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Where can I see how much I've spent and my rating? Was that removed?

I haven't been able to see how much I've spent on upwork or where my rating is after clicking on all the links.


Older answers to this are outdated and I'm not sure if upwork even shows this info anymore.

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi Matt,


Thanks for reaching out to us. To view the amount of spent and the stats as a client you can go to Jobs > All Contracts and open any contract. On the contract page, open Terms & Settings tab and find the link to view the original job posting. On that page, you can see your stats as a client in the section 'About the client'. Please note that the clients don't have profile pages the same way as freelancers do.


Thank you.

~ Aleksandar

You need to make this much easier to find. 


I'm amazing at how some features that would seem simple common sense, just pass you guys by.


You make enough money by now. Listen to your customer's feedback! 

Totally agree - I will check and quickly sum up on my credit card report then, as Upwork is not able to show me the sum of what I have paid in a month. Only single positions, and a csv - sure, I'll just put it in an excel and do it for myself. For period. Maybe I should hire someone on upwork to do that work for me.


It's a bit ridiculous when you think about it. I was surprised to not find anything, and then found this thread...

100% agree

I really don't understand why there isn't a proper dashboard that shows me the amount I've spent to date between all jobs I've hired for 😑

Also, why can't I click on a person I've hired and see what I've spent on them across all jobs? Honestly guys this is mind-blowing that you guys haven't added any real dataviz to your platform

Seriously, it's ridiculous.

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