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Where can I see my rating and feedback I received (as client)?

I must be missing something... can anyone tell me where I can find the ratings and past feedback as a client? 




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Log into Upwork client-side interface.


Job -> All Contracts


click on individual contract listing


click on Terms & Settings

Thanks, but how can I see all of it? I mean how others see my profile. isn't there an easier way for this? like my profile?

re: "how can I see all of it? I mean how others see my profile. isn't there an easier way for this? like my profile?"


When you post a job, you can click on the job posting and see a listing of all your past contract results, with the star feedback and written feedback review.

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Hi Daniel,


Clients don't have profiles like freelancers do and your history is displayed below the jobs you post.

~ Vladimir
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I would like to chime in and mention, that I also have an issue with being rated and not easily finding this data. We pay Upwork a lot in fees and the transparency has me concerned. 

Hello, why is our feedback not readily available? why do clients (Paying Customers of Upwork Freelancers) have to post a job then find our rating?

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You can always bookmark one of your past job postings (even a closed one) and you'll be able to see all your feedback at the bottom of it (and your average in the "About the Client" section on the right).

Great idea, thank you.

This worked for me, thank you!


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Hi, I just found the best way to see all reviews at once. You just need to register a freelancer account and see the job you posted, and you will find all reviews to you.

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To find your ratings and past feedback as a client on Upwork, log in to your account, go to "Settings," select the "My Info" tab, and scroll down to the "Employment History" section. Click on the job title of the project for which you want to see feedback, and the page will display a summary of the project, including feedback from the freelancer. You can also see an overall rating for your client profile by clicking on your name or picture and selecting "My Stats."

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*** To Upwork Managment & Help Support: this issue brings you down 1-star in my online ratings of you and will stay that way until you address it.



I spent 30 minutes trying to find freelnacer ratings, following comments above. No luck! 😞 I know they exist. I've seen them before. But there's no easy or intutive way to access them. (Even the seemingly straight-forward comments/instructions from "Arslan A" immediately above are not helpful. There's no "Employment History" section or tab in my settings.)


I care what freelancers think abiout me -- for my own continuous improvement and because I want to know what other freelancers see when they consider working with me. 


I just finished a project. I gave the freelancer a 2.8-star rating because they underperformed significantly. I'd like to know what they rated me. I know we have a few days (14?) to request a change in their rating if we think it's inaccurate (and they have this same window to request changes from us). 


How can I easily access this frackin' feature?! 




Hi Lawrence,


We certainly understand your frustration and the importance of being able to give and receive feedback. You may check the feedback you've given and received from a freelancer by going to All Contracts page> Select the contract in question> Feedback section under the details tab here.


You may also try:


  1. Go to Talent > Your hires
  2. Find the freelancer or agency who left feedback for you and choose the contract title
  3. Find feedback under the Details tab

Feel free to check this help article for more details. Let us know if you still need further assistance and we'll look further into that for you.


~ Arjay

It feels intentionally difficult. I can't easily see what freelancers have rated me and I have no idea why you would want to make that information difficult to find. 

Same Issue...

it's the worst UI i have ever used. so frustrating. I have to google everything even the basics thing like feedback, disputes, refund, etc 

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Hi Daniel,


Clients don't have profiles like freelancers do and your history is displayed below the jobs you post.

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