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Where's the customer support?

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Brian A Member Since: Jan 19, 2016
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I've been a member of upwork many years before it was upwork. You guys make $500-$1k/mo. off me in fees, and this has been ongoing for many years. How can a customer support ticket go unanswered for over 3 days? And an important one at that?? Just totally unacceptable. I couldn't even out of good conscious with my own customers, not address their questions and issues promptly. How do you expect to keep clients like me w/ this kind of support? Let me tell you, I'm already searching for other options.


I had a freelancer I was working with who's account was closed in the middle of a job. He doesn't know why. He can't get any answers from support, and neither can I. Live chat is a job. 38 people in front of me. 2 hours later someone comes on and I'm not present.


This money for this job was already taken from me account. So of course the freelancer wants to get paid. I'm not going to re-pay them until I find out what happened and were this money is that I already sent upwork went. It makes me look bad, and it doesn't take care of either of your clients in this situation.


This company has become very unprofessional since being bought out. I'm not at all happy with what's going on here. Tell your CEO to put down his golf clubs, and address the issues w/ his company, because there's a lot of them and growing.

Valeria K Moderator Member Since: Mar 6, 2014
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Hi Brian,


I apologize for the delayed response and I understand your frustration. I recommend you refer to the notification that was sent to you on Saturday regarding the closure of the freelancer's account.

The funds were returned to your account and you can check the transaction from January 16 in your Reports> Transaction History.


We will make sure somebody follows up with you as soon as possible and addresses your concerns.

~ Valeria
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Brian A Member Since: Jan 19, 2016
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Ok, thanks. I did get a message and I guess it went to my spam. So thanks. I just hadn't heard anything about my e-mail. But from what this message says about this freelancer, we really need further clarification. It's a pretty serious allegation against them, and they seem to not know what you're talking about. So I'd appreciate someone's attention in this manner.