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Who can take this on and for how much?

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Michael W Member Since: Jan 19, 2016
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Hey community!  I'd like your take on:


1.) Who is qualified to do this work

2.) How much should be budgeted for it


See below!



We're looking to create an online flyer creation tool that any of our employees can access from there remote location.  This will enable them to drag and drop pictures, add text and display loan calculations based on what they've input.


You can see a more detailed overview of what we're looking for here:



This online flyer creation tool will be based on an existing template (as seen in the video) and require the following features:


  • Uploading pictures to the flyer and having it display on the flyer
  • Choosing different picture layouts (if they only have 1 picture vs. 5 pictures)
  • The ability to re-size or crop their pictures when uploaded
  • Inserting text in various places on the flyer
  • Creating a form above or below the flyer that allows the user to input loan scenario data. This form will calculate that information and will populate the loan scenario section on the flyer.
  • When finished, the ability to submit the flyer for review to an email address and save the flyer as a PDF.
  • The capability to save your work or open an existing flyer



Imagine that you're a humble employee at Southwest Funding named Jack Bauer. 


You're on the phone with a realtor who has just asked if you can put together an open house flyer for him that he’s showing in 24 hours.  The realtor shows you the link that has the house information, along with three pictures of the property.  In addition, he'd also like for you to put together a couple of 'loan scenarios' to help potential borrowers know the approximate down payment and monthly payment for this property. 


You say, 'no problem!' and hop on the company's secure intranet to access the flyer creation tool.  You upload those pictures the realtor showed you and make a few sizing adjustments to them for a great look. Next, you fill out the property description and input 3 different loan scenarios (FHA loan, USDA loan and a Conventional loan) to give the borrower a feel for what they'll be paying per month and what their down payment will be for each.


When finished, you export your file as a PDF and send it as an attachment to your realtor partner in record time. Just another day at the office!

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Jennifer M Member Since: May 17, 2015
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Kudos to you for making that video. It helps visualize what you're looking for.


There are so many factors to consider with price that I think you should stick to posting a job in the marketplace and discussing it with potential providers that you like. 


Also, while the video helps a developer understand, it doesn't document business rules and functionality which still need to be laid out. This gives the developer exactly what you want so they can estimate time/cost. 


I know that superficially what you want seems simple, but business rules can muddy up development to the point that it makes things difficult. Consider a simple login form. What happens when a user attempts login too many times? Account lockout? OK, how do you release the account? How long before the account resets? Reset to the email? Make them call the helpdesk? How many times before account lockout? What type of authentication? Custom or integrated with IIS/network? What happens when the user logs in? Where is the default page? What is shown on the default page? How long before session timeout? Are we using cookies to remember anything? Are we using 2-factor? What type of security is needed? Any private details getting stored on the device? 



And that's just a login page. IF the developer makes a call himself, he runs the risk of the client saying "All wrong..not what I asked." What you consider a small mistake can set project back by weeks, so it's in the developer's interest to ask as many questions as possible almost to the point where the client gets annoyed.


Anyway, those are some things to consider.

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Michael W Member Since: Jan 19, 2016
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Rock on.  I'll be sure to keep that in mind as I prepare to talk to developers. Thank you so much!

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Gerry S Member Since: Nov 23, 2014
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Here's a link more to the point:

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Gerry S Member Since: Nov 23, 2014
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I'd be wary of anyone suggesting a "custom solution".


I would first see what's out there in terms of templates and "code / site generators".


Odds are, you can find something that may only need to be modified; which reduces your risk by simply contracting for changes instead of "new development".


Google "real estate site builder" for example.