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Why As a Client I Cannot Load Money if I Have not Paypal?

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Wealth Z Member Since: Jun 3, 2016
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I have been a member of Upwork since many years.  I made this account while I was in Netherlands and I had paypal. Now after moving to Pakistan I had no paypal. Due to this reason I  left hiring people from this platform.


Now I have heard that upwork has given other options of account recharge, I was happy to hear this . I  urgently needed some freelancers so I posted and hired . When I tried to load account through my Visa internet card which is acceptable at evry place and site around the internet. Upwork denied that. I immediately contacted upwpork, but I havent seen such **Edited for Community Guidelines** customer service anywhere in the world. they dont bother to read the original problem and just keep on replying generic automatic replies.


Now my repute is at stake i have been requesting them again and again that kindly present me some solution and. i also offered them to atleast present me some temporary solution this time  because I have to pay feelacers. i have payza, skrill  or bank account option. They can give me some other option.


Amazing and weird this situation that as a client i have been been requesting them to takie money but they are just persistent that we just have two options. now tell me if a person has no paypal , no particular card which they only accept at upwork, what he/she do?  



Vladimir G Moderator Member Since: Oct 31, 2014
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Hi Wealth Z,


I'm sorry but I can only reiterate the reply our Customer Support agent shared on your ticket, that we can't make any exceptions in regards to clients whose billing methods do not meet our requirements. I see the agent explained the available billing methods (PayPal/Credit Card) you can use and shared all the information we would share here in the Community. 

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Petra R Member Since: Aug 3, 2011
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Wealth Z wrote: tell me if a person has no paypal , no particular card which they only accept at upwork, what he/she do?  



 Then they can not hire on Upwork.


You should not have to "pay Freelancers" because you should not have hired any until you had sorted your payment method out, and freelancers should not have done any work until that was done.