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Why Upwork promotes and defends fraudulent behavior?

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Rodrigo F Member Since: Jan 25, 2019
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This platform is the worst when claiming "rights" as a Client, and should be avoided.

In my case I just got defauded by a Freelancer, which had the total support from Upwork politics to behave in that way. 

Just for a fact, Upwork said... Quality is responsibility of the Client, but "Client" does not have any tool, right to claim it while using Upwork as middleware. Just check this out.


Just check this...

Create Hourly Contract 

Hire a Freelancer

Set your terms & settings (useless without any relevant meaning for Upwork by the way)

Tell the freelancer to do you "thing"

Check periodically the work when freelancer uses the Desktop Application, he probably is doing something.

After a few hours you ask for the "thing", but freelancer say I dont have it, please take this screenshot of my desktop, the "thing" is done.

... wt?...

Pause the contract (your only tool) to avoid be charged for extra hours when asking the freelancer to fix the problem and claim your "thing"...

Freelancer say no way, and ended the contract...


Now you will be charged for the hours that person worked... so obviously you will dispute... during dispute Freelancer says:

I assume that is what you wanted! ...

... seriously?

after a couple of messages without any conclusive argue/discussion

Upwork team will come to "rescue" to the Freelancer, saying that his politics for Hourly contract are clear, quality is your issue... so you will pay for a TV Show, just to what a person working on his computer, do not receive the "thing" requested, and yes, be insulted by the platform asking you... why did you choose an Hourly Contract anyway?... and yes you cannot open a new dispute for that ridiculous resolution... 


My question is Why to have so painful procedure to create a "Contract" and Job Terms if are useless, If the quality is my "issue", then is my Right to claim it, but what tool does Upwork provides?



Just take a look (is Community decide to edit this message)

Ticket number #23957374


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Preston H Member Since: Nov 24, 2014
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re: "Why Upwork promotes and defends fraudulent behavior?"


I am very sorry if you have had a bad experience while using this platform.


Reading over your notes about your experience, I do not blame you if you are upset. It sounds to me like you hired a very unprofessional, low-quality freelancers.


But Upwork does not promote and defend fraudulent behavior.


Are you familiar with Upwork's policies, protections and practices?


Are you familiar with OTHER platforms for doing freelance work? I won't name them, but if you are familiar with how things are on those other sites and with how things are on Upwork, you would realize what a strange claim it is that you're making.


I think there was a misunderstanding here about what type of service Upwork provides, and how to use the tool effectively.

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Rodrigo F Member Since: Jan 25, 2019
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The Upwork Protection Policies cost me 275 usd... yes Im very familiar with them and does not provide any right to clients, no One!
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Preston H Member Since: Nov 24, 2014
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re: "The Upwork Protection Policies cost me 275 usd...

This is an accurate conclusion.


The overwhelming majority of Upwork freelancers are highly ethical, skilled professionals. But the site is so large and successful that it also attracts a fair share of bad people, who try to take advantage of others.


I believe that the freelancer you hired was either completely incompetent, or an outright scammer.


Either way, this was an unfortunate situation. Like I said, I don't blame you for being upset.


But it is not accurate to conclude that Upwork promotes this kind of behavior. Upwork has numerous extensive programs designed to help ensure that clients have a positive experience using the site. Upwork genuinely wants to remove bad freelancers from the site and promote quality freelancers to clients.

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Jennifer M Member Since: May 17, 2015
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well, the right thing for the freelancer to do is charge you for the time to do the "right" thing and refund you the hours for doing the "wrong" thing, but like...some of these people man.

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John K Member Since: Feb 17, 2015
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Rodrigo, I'm sorry to hear you were taken advantage of, but did you leave the freelancer a one star review and add a comment that says what happened and rate them 1 on the 1` to 10 scale for "How likely are you to recommend this freelancer?" Most freelancers who have a decent Job Success score, doesn't even have to be top rated, and have completed a few jobs at Upwork, care about client feedback so will not act like your freelancer. By giving this freelancer a TERRIBLE review, you'll at least hopefully prevent other clients from hiring him.


You may not believe this, but Upwork wants repeat clients who come back and hire freelancers in the future, so they don't want clients to have an experience like yours. However, it states very clearly in site policies, (not pollitics), that on an hourly job where the freelancer uses time tracker and screenshots show activity related to work, and the freelancer records appropriate memos, the freelancer is guaranteed payment, so Upwork can't make an exception for you. If you disagree with those policies, then you have to post a fixed price job, or post your job elsewhere.

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