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Why can't I add docs when responding to a proposal?

I have shortlisted several candidates for a job that I posted.  I want to respond to each of them and attach word docs.  But the message response box in the proposal does not have an option to add docs (unlike the normal messaging area).  I don't want to post these docs to the general job posting.  I only want the shortlisted candidates to get it.  


How do I do this?

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Accept the invitation to interview. Then send the documents through the regular message page. 

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Steven, are you on mobile, by chance? There is some additional functionality on desktop. A client sent me files via the Messages function in the proposal just yesterday, so I know it's an option. 

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Hi Steven,


If you open a freelancers proposal, the Messages window should load under that with an option to add an attachment:




If you don't see it, could you please let us know what device you are using?

~ Valeria
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