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Why does Upwork tolerate Agencies that spam applications ?

I have been dealing with this Agency that has applied to 9+ of my jobs without getting anything done.


The interaction goes something like this:


1. I post a job .


2. They pick 2-3 keywords from the job post, create 2-3 nonsensical questions (as if generted from Makov Chain) about the job post, and submit it as an application.


3. They never have any interest in doing the actual job. Either complain about the rate (stated 3 times in the job post) being too low or lack the skills.


4. I have told them to stop spamming. They refuse.


Why does Upwork allow these agencies to continue spamming applications ?

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Money.  Upwork makes money whenever someone applies.

I'm learning about "connects". How do they work? So if a Agency spams 100 job posts with a bot, Upwork makes 100 * $0.15 = $15 from the applications alone ?

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Community Manager

Hi TongKe, 

I'm sorry to learn about your experience. Take note that when freelancers and agencies send out proposals, they do not see the client's name on the job post. The only time they see the client's name is if the client replies to their proposal. While we're not privy to freelancers' activities when sending our proposals, there may have been a misunderstanding here, and they didn't intend to apply to all your job posts. 

As for Connects, Connects are what freelancers and agencies charged when you submit a proposal for jobs posted in the marketplace. Depending on the job post, freelancers and agencies will be charged between one and six Connects to submit a proposal. You may read more about it here.

~ Avery

Yup....actually more than $15.

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