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Will you hire an Upwork new freelancer ?

Upwork is a freelance platform. A huge number of freelancer work here. In the huge number of freelancers, there are some new freelancers. They have no previous client feedback because they are new. If they are new and they have no feedback, Which thing you will check for hiring those types of freelancers? They are new but sometimes they are also experienced and highly skilled. And also they can be amature. So which thing you will check for hiring a new freelancer?

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As a client, I have hired over 180 freelancers on Upwork.


I intentionally hire a mix of experienced and brand new freelancers.

Sir, I am a graphic designer. Please invite me for your jobs.

My profile: https://www.upwork.com/freelancers/~01aac4a088afbbaffd

I am an email marketer pls try me and see if I can give you what you want



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We were all new to Upwork when we started.  We got hired because we had a well-written profile with experience and expertise to back it up.


In reality, not every client hires because of a well-written profile like you said.


Some other clients prefer freelancers with high JSS, Top rated badge, and previous work experience on Upwork.


I'm saying this from experience.

I spent a good amount of time on here job-searching without much positive response.

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So may I know if that's the case how do new freelancers without such criterias survive? Any helpful tips base from your experiences which you can share please ? That will be great. Thank You . 

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I believe the important aspect is how you present your skills and approach opportunity. I just referred your profile and found 2 unique aspect for e.g. you know 2 additional language in addition to your native language - Japanese and Spanish.


I think you must use this 2 unique differentiator with your skills to look for opportunity. You can be among top 4 or 5 bidder  eligible for the job with high probability of getting the job.

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