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Working with Freelancers

Twice I have hired freelancers, given trial assignments and been promised work.  Then the freelancer quitscommunicating and responding to messages, never delivering any work.  Once it was after receiving the initial assignment.  This most recent time it was after promising a couple of deadlines that weren't met. I sent an email asking for a date certain that she would deliver the work and never heard back from her. I thought I was professional and respectful in my communication and am really appalled by this kind of behavior.


Given the difficulty I have finding high quality freelancers that meet our needs via odesk and with 2 out of my 3 hires having behaved so unprofessionally, any suggestions of where I go from here?




It seems like you`re doing everything right. Your giving interviews and trial assignments before hiring for the full job. (I hope the trial assignments are either very small or paid)


The only thing I can think of is that you may have to raise your price. I don`t know what you are paying but if it`s a low figure, then the freelancers might be bailing on your job for a better paying one.


Of course, low pay does not excuse a freelancer from accepting the job and then not doing it. The freelancers knew how much you were willing to pay before they accepted the job.


Other than pay, keep on doing what you`re doing. You may also want to conduct a search for freelancers that meet your needs and have good feedback regarding completing jobs. You can them invite them to apply for your job.




The biggest reason why Freelancers lose interest in projects are:


1. Low pay (low rewards).

2. Too many changes on minor details (eg, not moving or stale projects).

3. Poor communication skills from the hirer ( eg, "I now this will take one hour").

4. Threats of jobs being passed on to other Frelancers (eg, low appreciation). 

5. Lack of incentives (eg, no bonus for met records or outsatnding work)


There's probably more but I'll blog about it and maybe come up with some more. 😉