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Your company is allowing freelancers to steal very easily. I can prove this on skype screen share

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CESAR G Member Since: Jun 23, 2015
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I can show you how a freelancer easily, dumb easy! Log in 11 hours of work and only did 1 hour of actual working.


I sent a dispute but you are allowing this to happen very easily. 


Your company is a platform for fraud and its not a good way to run your comany. I have many softwares to tracj work and i can show you how one new freelance billed me almost $500 dollar for hardly any work done but i was looking at you performnace scores and i was averaging their work score and givng them a 8 put of 10 average but i looked closely and i compared it to me other software i was in shock.


I use Basecamp, basecrm, rightsignature, + a lot more and i checked his emails and compared it to your screen shots and scores and its not good at all. You paying them time after time when they have 0 mouse moves and 0 key borad strokes. 


You are paying them just to move the mouse around and giving them a 10 out 10


You are giving them perfect score for doing 50 keystrokes and 50 moves moves per 10 minutes. If they type 45 words per minute that means they can work 1 minute nd move the move around a few times and they would get a 10 out of 10 when they really only worked 1 minute of the 10.


Then there are time you show as high as 27,000 key strokes in 1 - 10 minute report. Are they super man, are the hacking the system to show that or is your software clueless or flawed. 


I will take hours and hours to show you this information. You should pay me back for my time and consulting how to make your business better after what i show you which with all the money this is making you should have a team cheking the quality of this software, the freelancers and mostly the centers. 


The owners of the centers are driving arounf BMW's living large! I was told this and i can prove it. They are taking $10 out of every work hour and they are teacing the freelancers how to scam hard working companies out of their money while they hardly ever show up to the centers to monitor whats going on. They dont care!


They have maangers just pumping high school and early college level kids to come work and then teaching them how to beat the system (which is way too easy) and defraud hard working peoples money. 


I saw this kid bill me for 11 hours of work and he did maybe 45 minutes of work. That paying almost $40 dollars an hour. This is a joke. If you do not do anything about this I will be bring this to the highest authorities. Better busines Bureau, state attorneys office, I will even pay my good hard working free lancers to post negative reviews and video proof on all social media channels, including YOUTUBE, Rippoffreport, FACEBOOK, INSTAGRAM, GOOGLE+ and much much more. You have good hard working employees here that is not something i can contest. But for every 1 good employee the centers are pumping out 10 fraud ones and the centers are the ones pulling the trigger, your the gun and the freelancer is the bullet. 


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Jean S Member Since: Oct 22, 2007
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What or who are these centers you talk about?

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Mariam Fatima Z Member Since: Feb 24, 2015
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I'm pretty sure by 'centers' he means agencies.

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Irene B Member Since: Feb 17, 2015
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Well, I have no idea what you paid the person to do specifically. However, allow me to explain the following, as it pertains to what I do for a living.


A lot of my job involves research, where I actively need to go and FIND things on the internet. In effect, this means that you may find only 5 to 20 keystrokes or mouse moves in ten minutes...because I am WORKING at finding the information needed to do the client's job. Yes....that counts as part of the job...and it is my time that I am putting in finding the particular information. When I email this client, I am still doing his job...and yes, the time tracker shows this, and when I am talking to the client on skype, yes...I am still doing the client's work...and billing him for my time. Then I may have done the research needed and the time tracker can go haywire for two or three screen shots while I am actively putting down on the screen the words or figures that I have gathered after researching what was needed.


Now, in my particular instance, the research part can take up much more time than the actual 'typing' part, but that still counts as time that I have spent working on that particular client's project.


The only instance you might get more typing over a multitude of screen shots, is where you have hired an actual typist to sit and ...well...type...words that he or she does not need to think out for themselves, but in fact, just do something mechanically.


Having said that, let me once again state that I have no idea what job this particular person has done for you, but that what I have explained is my personal experience and way of working. Any work I do on a timed contract, I bill.

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Scott E Member Since: Jul 26, 2015
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**bleep** straight Irene. I do the design stuff, so it's not unusual for only 25% of my time to be flicking switches, twisting knobs and pulling levers. The other 75% of the time I might be sketching, researching, watching sci-fi movies, taking notes, planning, thinking, drinking, blinking and dancing. It's all part of the shamanistic rituals that unleash the designer within.   


I don't do hourly jobs though. Ticking clocks should only be for employees, secret agents, game show contestents and bomb disposal experts. 

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Irene B Member Since: Feb 17, 2015
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lol! You always make me smile.


But seriously speaking, I had a recent hourly contract that ended and the client and I would actually be working on certain documents at the same time. It just worked out better as an hourly contract, as there was no upfront idea of how long it would take to complete the job, and having to submit a fixed proposal would be neigh on impossible, especially since some of the docs. would need a back-and-forth thing two to three times before the final one was completed.


The other hourly contract I have is for a client with whom I have been working quite a long time. They decided to do an hourly contract also because there is no fixed amount of work involved. It is an ongoing procedure with work landing on my table as and when needed. In this instance, an hourly contract also suits the bill. Sometimes it takes me 15 minutes, at other times 10 hours to complete.


For the most part, though, I agree with you, and the majority of my work is fixed price.

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Cathleen C Member Since: Aug 17, 2015
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How would this happen? I can see unscrupulous freelancers trying to scam this way, but doesn't the client have to approve the time sheets? If you hire someone for an hourly job, and you think it will take max 1 hour, and the freelancer shows 20 hours, why would you approve the time sheet?


I have been working on Elance and am new to Upwork and I don't know how the hourly timesheets work here, but on Elance, the client had the right to approve the hours, or not approve the hours.

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Dawn L Member Since: Sep 3, 2015
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I'm sorry that you had a bad experience with a freelancer. Please know that most freelancers on this site are very professional and trustworthy.


Let me just say, no one from Upwork "teaches freelancers" how to be a freudulant freelancer. In fact, most of the "training" type of emails that show up in the new freelancers email account from Upwork teaches freelancers how to use/navigate the website, gives examples on how to write a professional proposal, etc. Every article piece directed to freelancers teaches new people how to conduct proper, professional business with the clients.


Also, please don't take this the wrong way, but you should probably remove your personal contact information from your post. It is a direct violation of the forum guidelines and will likely be removed by a moderator anyway.


Did you submit a report regarding your concerns?


As Irene mentioned, depending on the type of work you hired the freelancer to do, it is very well possible that your freelancer was, in fact, working on your contract even if the software didn't detect keystroke or mouse movement. Myself, for example - I'm a writer. The majority of my job requires research. If I were to take an hourly job, you bet I'd bill for the research time! During the research period of time, it is very likely that, even though I'm not manually typing on the keyboard all of the time, or even clicking my mouse more than a few times every 10 minutes, I am in fact still working. I do have to read the research materials in order to write a high-quality article, blog post, press release, etc. That time would be billed to the client since it is related to his contract. I don't know of many (if any) freelance writers that would not include research time in their rate quote (hourly or fixed). Some freelancers may bill also bill for correspondance time with the client as well, some don't. That, too, is legal because it directly relates to your contract. 


Again, without us knowing exactly what happened, and what you hired this freelancer to do for you, we can be of little help. A great deal depends on the type of work you hired him/her to do.


@Cathleen: As for the time tracker, I know clients can deny manually logged hours/screenshots. I'm not sure about the ones that are logged by the tracker itself. I've only ever worked one hourly job on here and honestly, I found the software at the time to be somewhat confusing. So I just don't do hourly jobs.



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Matt C Member Since: Jan 29, 2016
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I don't know if there are some other controls somewhere or not but the job I put out there and hired someone for automatically just approves it and pulls the money straight out of my account every week. the contractor I kind of go back and forth on... some of the work diary seems to show this SEO contractor just surfing the web, nothing related to my business. Sometimes I see shots of her on Skype calls, and sometimes I see actual stuff to do with my business. Once or twice I think I even see a screenshot of her working on someone else's SEO for a pool company. Nothing even closely related to my IT Service business.

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Jennifer M Member Since: May 17, 2015
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lol sounds like my workday. That's why I don't use the tracker. 45 things going on... I can't dedicate a full hour without interruptions.