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being held hostage

I feel like my funds in escrow are being held hostage, i have a contract with a freelancer that was suppose to take 18-20 days, it is now day 40. There seems to be very little work being done on the project, for example i provided the html code for a site, there are stark differences between the look of the site i gave them and what they have shown me so far, differences that i spent about 10 mins to fix just on the homepage. On top of that i get excuses that seem to be untruths, the equivalent of a mechanic lieing to beacause you dont know anything about cars(but in this case i know about html). The most annoying part is the lack of communication when i ask about the status of the site, and the ridiculously long time (40 days)ive spent waiting on this project.

any suggestions? as canceling the project will not get me my escrow back(or will it?) to hire someone else to painfully see an end to this project.


Hi J T,


I'm sorry to hear about your situation. I can see that you are unhappy with the freelancer's work and communication. I know how frustrating it can be when the job does not go as planned.


I suggest you reach out to the freelancer and explain your issues calmly and respectfully. You can ask them to clarify why the project is behind schedule and the discrepancies between the original and the revised site, and what they are doing to resolve them. You can also request them to give you a realistic estimate of when the project will be finished and to keep you updated regularly.


However, if you think that the freelancer is unable or unwilling to complete the project as agreed, or they do not reply or address your issues adequately, you have the option to terminate the contract and find another freelancer who can meet your requirements. You can end the contract and request an escrow refund. You can find out more about requesting an escrow refund here.


The freelancer will choose to accept your refund request or initiate a dispute. If the dispute is initiated, our team will step in to review the dispute details provided by both parties and provide a non-binding resolution. You should provide evidence of your contract, your payment, and the freelancer's work and communication.


I hope this helps and I wish you all the best with your project. Feel free to message us if you have further questions or need any assistance. 


- Pradeep


Dear Mr. Pradeep.

what happens if the "non-binding resolution" was not accepted by the parties" . would the client get his money back or what should be the course of action ?


Hi Mohamed,


In case of rejection of the non-binding resolution by any party, both freelancer and the client will get a Notice of Non-Resolution. They can then opt for a binding arbitration service (meaning the arbitrator's verdict will be final) from our arbitration provider service. Find out more about arbitration.


- Pradeep

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