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blackmailing from a freelancer


I created a job and hired a freelancer to do it. Later on I cancelled contract with one of the freelancers (**Edited for Community Guidelines**), because he didn't follow requirements and didn't delivered required product. After that mr **Edited for Community Guidelines**started emailing me with requests to pay him via Paypal and also blackmailing me if I'd not pay him he would hack my social network profile etc. Please react and take required actions. I can forward mentioned email if necessary for future investigation.Thank you in advance for your cooperation in this matter.


Hi there,


I am sorry to hear about this. We will look into this further and will get back to you once we have more information.


Thank you,

~ Nikola
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Some things to keep in mind:

- You can not pay the freelancer via PayPal or via any method other then through the Upwork platform. To do so would be a serious violation of Upwork TOS for both the client and freelancer.


- You are not allowed to name a freelancer in an accusation of wrongdoing in the Community Forum. That is why your post was modified by a Forum Moderator.


- It was inappropriate and a violation of Upwork TOS for the freelancer to contact you off-platform as he did.


- Regardless of Upwork TOS violations, the freelancer's behavior here is extremely inappropriate. You are doing the right thing to report him.


- You can block him in email and in Upwork. You should do so. There is no value to you in receiving his messages. Do NOT reply to him in any way. If you want to please him, then reply to him. If you send him a reply telling him off or cursing him out or saying anything at all, he will derive pleasure from your reply. The worst thing for him would be to be ignored, but that is also the best way to end this.


- He threatened to "hack your social network profile". He is making idle threats. He has no way to actually do that. He is not some sort of super genius hacker and you are not some kind of goofball whose password is "password" or "12345".


If it was me in this situation, then having reported this to Upwork and having blocked this freelancer, I would forget about the matter and move on. I don't spend time thinking about ridiculous people.

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