can't view applicants



I have posted my first job post more then 4 hours ago, and I got more then 100 applications. But when I click on "view applicants" from any page (vew job posting, my jobs) I see a "dead screen". Nothing appears. Still I get notifications to my mail, and to the upwork account that "xxx applied for your job", even when I click on exact notification, I can't see the proposal, that freelancer has sent to me. Is something wrong with my account? Or this is a bug. Or how many hours I have to wait, untill upwork will show me the proposals applied for my job?


I think it's a bug. Yesterday I got a job invitation but when I logged in and clicked the link there was no such proposal. I tried multiple times but it didn't change. Later I logged into my email and checked the job posting from there.

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi Zarina,


I checked and couldn't replicate the issue you were having. All applicants show on the page, some of them right away, others show once you click the button to Show More. Could you please clear your cache and cookies and access the page again? Please, let us know if you continue having the same issue and attach a screenshot.

~ Valeria