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client is not paying the invoice on fixed job

Hi There,


I have worked and completed site for the client. client got all the work done and ran away like a thief. changed all the log in details.


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contract is still open. this client has a bad history on upwork. This person is runing a scam on upwork. getting all the work done and dont pay to contractor.



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Is payment method verified ?

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yes client got all the work done and changed log in details. 





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you can open a dispute case and contact with Upwork service 

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Just go ahead and submit the fixed price work on upwork. If client do not respond then Upwork will release the payment to you after submission in 14 days. In case client responds and refuse to pay then you can file for a dispute. Refer the link below: 


Unresponsive clients 


Hi Meenu,


Thank you for your message. I am sorry to hear about your experience with the client. I checked the job you are referring to and noticed that you have already requested the payment for the active milestone but the client requested a revision. Please communicate with the client if the details are unclear and you can resubmit the milestone with the requested revision using the 'Submit work for payment' button on the contract. The client will have 14 days to review your milestone and approve your payment. In case the client takes no action, your payment will be automatically released to you after 14 days.


You also have the option to file a dispute if the client rejects your deliverable and does not want to pay you, but you are confident that you have met the contract specifications.


- Pradeep


Hello Pradeep,


thanks for getting in touch. I have done the revisions but now client has changed the log in detaild and not communicating anymore. Not releasing the payment even.

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Meenu: if you want peace of mind, forget the payment the buyer is a seasoned scammer he won't pay you and don't expect Upwork to help you



Next time work hourly.  You are not ready for fixed price contract model.  Even if you work on fixed price contract break it down little chunks  - milestones.  If you don't get paid for a milestone don't work on the next one  - no matter what. Also make sure the milestone is funded

Hourly payment protection seems to be rapidly disappearing, so it's not likely any safer for someone who isn't ready to weed out scammers.

You are correct.  It seems there is no protection on upwork, and for new freelancers it is rather difficult to acquire that skill.  They are hungry and happy to get a gig.


true, i have escalated the matter to upwork. project were of 500 USD, now upwork is saying we will give you courtesy fee. i said i have done complete work for the client. I have all the proof. but upwork is not contractor friendly at all.

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If you follow Pradeep's advice, and do the revision and submit, hopefully the client will be satisfied.

She may not be able to do revisions - login details were changed. 

i have done revisions. all the work has been done by me. But client previous rating is already 2 star. seems his intention is to cheat only. and he knew upwork wont do anything.

I have done revisions and once i did the revisions client changed the log in details.

If you can prove you did the work, you can ask the hosting service that one of their customers is using copyrighted material by not paying for your work.  You can ask them to take down the website

It is called dmca.

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Did you checked, whether the Payment menthod is verified or not?

I would like to suggest you, please make a note of all the requirements and works you did for the client and raise a dispute or contact with Upwork support team. They will definitely help you with.

NOTE: Before working with any client on Upwork, Please keep in mind: 
- Whether the Payment method is verifed or not?
- Check client feedback and past history.

I hope this will help you!


Kartik Kumar
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