concerns over a bid

Hi All


I posted a job, lots of responses came back, i shortlisted down to three individuals.  i sent each person an exact list of questions.  i recieved a message back from someone completely different who was representing two people that i had shortlisted.  i didnt notice that they were from the same company.  now in my limited experience, who would one company bid twice for the work, with different names and then get a manager to respond to my questions?

  also, the two people have identical hours worked totals, should it not be for each individual?


im a little oncerned by this, seems fishy?




hi Mat, I think there's a box you can tick to choose "individual freelancers" or "agency", I suppose if you want to deal with the freelancer directly, you have to tick "individual freelancers only" or something like that.

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi Mat,


I've checked and can confirm the two freelancers submitted proposals to your job as agency contractors, not individual freelancers, in which case their Agency details are shown in the top part of their proposal. Since they are associated with the same Agency, the details like hours worked you're seeing are the same and the same manager followed up in both message rooms. You can see their individual details by clicking on their name at the bottom of the proposal box.


Seeing you're new on Upwork, please check the client resources here which I believe you'll find very useful.