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creating a big project for 2 months and only pay anything if done with deadline. possible?



I would like to redevelop my whole website with shop system to customized (now is wordpress and woocommerce with too many custom solutions) and need a big amount of functions.


i have found someone who would like to do it and promises to finish within 2 months. i told him i will pay 2350€ if he finished in that time all features. i agrees with that. we also agreed, to not work with many milestones, because i don´t want to pay half price for a half-finished project.


what is important to me:

if he didn´t finish everything that we discussed within that time, i don´t want to pay for it. (to be exactly: 15% less if he has delay of 1-4 weeks, 30% less if he has delay of 5-8 weeks, nothing if he has more delay)


is that possible with upwork?


what should i take care of, that i couldnt lose any my money if there is an unfinished (or bad coded, buggy) project ?

i didn´t post the project yet.


thank you!!

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Milestones would help you a lot. A milestone for initial build, another for revisions, perhaps a final milestone for bug fixes - this would allow you to spread out the risk. Milestones are there to help you and they really aren't very difficult to set up. They can have individual due dates. 

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Retired Team Member

Hi Jonathan,

Just to confirm that this is allowed but you will need to negotiate the extra terms with your freelancers. You will need to make sure that all of the terms are outlined in writing on Upwork.
If you have any additional questions let me know, thank you!

~ Goran
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Trying to do everything at once like this may indeed be allowed under Upwork's rules. But it is not a good strategy for success. If you really want to do this you should work with a good project manager and many developers. The project should be broken down into manageable chunks, and each successfully completed piece will bring you closer to having the project completed.


It is better to have a final product built with multiple quality components than to have a half-baked hodgepodge final version.


It simply is not practical to try to get something this size done all at once by a single person as part of a single contract milestone. You won't even know what is under the hood and you will be unlikely to have anybody decent agree to do something like this without getting paid until the end.

If deadlines are important to you then you really need to work through a project manager who is empowered to hire as many people as necessary. And the budget needs to be increased.


You may be interested in:

- high quality work

- a tight budget

- strict deadlines


You will need to decide which two of these you want, because you can't have all three.

This job has all the tell tell sign of ending in disaster.


Price is too low, OP does not want to pay anything upfront. @ about $3,000 if the estimated time is 2 months, the freelancer is willing to work at the very low end of the price (even from Indian subcontinent) and with stiff penalty for delays.  Either he just wants to get the project at any cost hoping that he can scam the client, or he has no clue of what are the requirements.  OP did say he wants a complete rebuild with many customization.


Also, just curious how did OP find this person without job posting?  Not long ago there was this guy who wanted to pay only after the work was finished (much larger $ amount)n and he was happy.  He  was also complaining that there were not that many proposals.

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