dispute with freelancer with multiple "false profiles"

I got proposal from upworks telling me the top guys for my work.After filtering through proposal i decided to hire this guy "**Edited for Community Guidelines**" from Norway 1-2 months ago to help get my app up and running .I was nervous because he has no work history or review but his price was reasonable.


I put in $300 dollars for the milestone;days later his account was suspended and he contacted me on Skype to send money through western union or money transfer.I refused to deal monetary issues outside upwork.I closed the contract and got my money back after 7 days.He didnt give me any concrete reason why his account was suspended while contract was going on.He then told me his going to use his friends account to continue the project and sent me link of the "NEWLY" made account with NO work experience and history.


He gave me "**Edited for Community Guidelines**" also from Norway as the current account his using now to work on my project since i decided NOT to send him western union or bank transfer.All this keep going on but he NEVER show me any work he did regarding my app.He sent me bunch of codes which my friends said copy and paste from open source code online.He told me he needs to see money before he can show me my app.


I put $500 in escrow to hire him"**Edited for Community Guidelines**" just to see where the work stage level is .He got nothing to show me and asked me to release the fund before i can see the stage of my project.I ended the contract 15min after hiring the so called "**Edited for Community Guidelines**" .Then i got the dispute email ....I reported him with proof of him asking me to send money outside upwork and referring me to his other profile.


Now my escrow is in dispute with a suspended freelance false account with no message from "dispute team " after 5 days.I dont know what to do ..I put my trust in the wrong person .I have worked with several people and they have given me nothing less than a 5 star.This is a really horrible start of the year from me ...Whats next ???


What's next?


Next you learn that when Upwork kills off an account for YOUR protection you don't hire the same person with a new account.....

I was'nt aware he was suspended untill he told me and direct me to another profile.He was still messaging me on the large chat box.And i didnt get any email notifying me of any suspension of the freelancer am in contract with.

I'm curious as to why you chose to hire this freelancer on his "friends" account after he had already attempted circumvention through outside payment.  This should have been a huge red flag for you and you could easily have chosen another freelancer who did not use inappropriate practices.


While I understand your frustration, I am having serious trouble understanding your choice to "trust" someone that had already pushed you to break the rules.  Live and learn I suppose, but in the future it would be wise to simply follow UpWork's ToS and choose your freelancers a bit more carefully.

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Kathryn, you are very right and wrong move on my side to still go ahead to deal with him after all that scene.Learnt my lesson big time.I should be notify the reason why the freelance am in contract with was suspended not him telling me he has little problem with his account and directing me to another account.


I wont have dealt with him if i was notified by Upwork that his profile was suspicious.


UpWork is not responsible for telling you why a freelancer has been suspended.  That is confidential information that they simply cannot provide to you.  Just as they cannot tell a freelancer why a client's account is suspended.  While I get that it is frustrating, it is for privacy purposes and we have to respect that.

~I am only here when I can tolerate having my eyes blasted, my privacy treated like a joke, and my temper pushed to it's limit. For all other times, please request alternate contact methods~
Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi Richy,


I'm sorry to hear about your bad and confusing experience with freelancers on Upwork. Please, do not communicate with this freelancer any further through any means they reach out to you. We'll also have a representative contact you shortly and assist you with this situation.

~ Valeria

I may be wrong but I'm guessing the freelancer was in Upwork's list of recommended freelancers when the job was posted, and that's why the client gave the freelancer another chance. New clients can't be expected to know that Upwork recommendations are unreliable, and Upwork should acknowledge partial responsibility for not fixing or eliminating a defective software feature.

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John ...The first profile was sent to me by Upwork on recommendation while the second one was sent to me by the same guy.


Anyways,Upwork solve the dispute now ..Thanks for the swift response and solution..I sure will not make such mistake anymore .


The second one was a lift from LinkedIn. I probably would have contacted the LinkedIn guy to see if it's the same person. I bet it wasn't.