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I hired a freelancer to do a website for me she said she could also do my logo so I agreed to the logo she billed me 10hrs in one day and sent me a file to review I chose one of the logos and sent my slogan to her and she never sent me the logo but I have already paid for the 10 hours of work now I dont want to work with her anymore because I dont trust her but I still dont have a logo I said to her I am going to cancel the contract and dispute your charges because she never delivered my work. I dont know what to do.


When working hourly contracts, all time logged in the Work Diary by the freelancer is automatically invoiced to the client using the schedule below:

  • Week 1 – Freelancer logs time using the Upwork desktop app and Work Diary.
  • Week 2 – Hours within the weekly limit invoice to your clients on Monday. Clients have until Friday to review the work. Then the security period begins.
  • Week 3 – Earnings become available on the following Wednesday for the freelancer.

Since you've already paid her, there's nothing you or anyone can do at this point. No one can force the freelancer to return the money for those 10 hours nor force her to deliver the logo.


You should have viewed the screen shots that SHOULD have been available (week 2) since you had 5 days to do that. If the freelancer didn't use tracker you could have disputed the amount she billed for (10 hours of work) because you have no proof that she actually did any work on the logo. And if she did provide the Time Tracker screen shots, you could have disputed any that did not adhere to the scope of work to be done. (such as have screen shots with no activity at all. Ir having screen shots with just a few keystrokes shown )


So, if you are in the review period and still have funds in escrow you could dispute. but if you've released those funds, there's nothing at this point to do, except post another job just for the logo.  

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi Joaneen, 


I'm sorry that this contract with your freelancer didn't go as expected. I checked your account and can see that you will still be able to dispute the hours logged from the previous week, until Thursday night at midnight UTC.


In the future, I would follow Kathy's advice and make sure to review hours logged for hourly contracts before the next billing cycle to prevent your freelancers from being paid for work that was not completed or rendered. 

~ Avery