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fix errors below when trying to hire freelancer

I posted a job that I need completed. I found the right candidate and I click "hire freelancer". I fill in all of the appropriate fields and it keeps saying "fix errors below". Everything is complete with no red areas. HELP. Have tried 3 days in a row hoping it was a glitch, but the same thing every day!!! I just want to pay my awesome freelancer. Thanks!

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Look for something like deadline/ or other fields that need you to select from a drop menu.

Hieu T
Vietnamese translator
Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi Missy, 

I'm unable to replicate your issue. If you've tried basic troubleshooting already (clear cache and cookies, and/or use a different browser), and the issue persists, please send a screen grab of the issue through a private message so that I can look into it further.

~ Avery
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