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freelancer requests

hi, i have agreed some work with a freelancer who is an expert in zoho. i intend to create multiple unique reports in zoho reports using data from the sales in a website along with data in stripe. my developer asked this question 

From our end - what do we have to do to give you access to develop the reports ?
Do you need access to the database ?
A copy of the database for reporting ?
Do we have to develop an API for you to get the data ?
Or will you develop an API or other mechanism to get the data ?
What do we have to do ?
And what will you do ?
What is OUR responsibility as a developer 

but the response from the freelancer was he needed login access to stripe and to zoho first and did not seem to want to answer the question.

this seems very strange to me, but i do not understand the process and the freelancer has very good feedback. 

what should i do?