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getting spammed from a job posting

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Jared C Member Since: Jun 11, 2021
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i posted a project for website revisions and specifically asked that this only be shown to Upwork contractors.  I have been getting blasted on my and my employees email addresses by agencies that are listed on upwork rather than going through the upwork job response process. It would be one thing if it was 1 or 2 people being overly ambitious but we're north of 10 this morning. 

I use upwork specifically to avoid this kind of broadcast marketing and spam in my inbox.  For what your company charges I'd expect far better when you vet your talent. 


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Preston H Member Since: Nov 24, 2014
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re: "...I'd expect far better when you vet your talent."


Upwork does not vet talent.

Upwork does not vet freelancers.

Upwork does not claim to vet freelancers.


I am very sorry that you had people contact you outside the expected job proposal protocols. That is not acceptable. It is a serious violation of Upwork ToS if an Upwork freelancer does that. If they are reported to Upwork and Upwork can identify them, then they are likely to have their Upwork accounts suspended or terminated.


Based on what you said in your post, I can not be certain if all of the people who contacted you were actually Upwork freelancers or not. But from what you said, it seems that at least some of them are.


Obviously you should not continue communicating with any of those people.


Forwarding their names and contact information to Upwork (to report them) IS something that you can do. It is not required. If it was me, personally, then I would simply delete those emails as quickly as I delete other spam.


For future reference: Upwork does not provide contact information to freelancers. So we must conclude that there was something in your job post that freelancers used to identify your company and then look up contact information.


To prevent such a thing from happening again, look at your job posting and make sure you don't use any information that could be used to identify you like that.

Andrea G Moderator Member Since: Jul 7, 2020
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Hi Jared,


I'm sorry to hear about your experience and the inconvenience this has caused. I can confirm that it is against Upwork’s Terms of Service to use information discovered on Upwork to identify and make unsolicited contact with another Upwork user outside of Upwork. 

It's best not to include any private information or details that would enable others to contact you outside of Upwork in the Job posting. That said, we'll be forwarding your report to the appropriate team for review, and they'll reach out to you directly.