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how do I fire a freelancer and get back my money back from Upwork

I posted a small job on upwork which I had  Issued to other developers to do but were unable.this freelancer bidded and after very long conversations he convinced me he knows what he is doing and i should award him the work and he can do it in maximum 3 days.3 days turned into one week and now one week is turning into a month in two days time.He says he is busy working fulltime for a company and he works on my task when he has time.from tasks issued none has been completely done one he has done halfwfway but not finished the rest he has never done.I had to cancel another task from another freelancer i had hired as his job relied on completion of this guys work which is not done yet.everytime i try to reach out he goes ghost for days and when i tell him i assume his silence means he will not complete the work thats when he emerges from nowhere to respond.I want to end this contact and issue it to someone else.how can i go about it without losing the money

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I'm sorry that you worked with such an unreliable freelancer. If it was an hourly job, then you need to pay for this person's time, ask him to deliver the work that he's done so far, and end the contract. If it was fixed price, ask him to release what he's done so far and negotiate a partial payment. 



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Sorry about your experience.


Work out a compromise with the freelancer and then end the Contract.

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Freelancer must do your job on time. If this he doesn't do this its a problem of a freelancer. So contact with upwork.

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Sorry to hear that,

Contact Upwork support to request a refund or release of escrow funds due to the freelancer's failure to deliver as promised. Then, terminate the contract with the freelancer.

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Hi Jane, 


I understand what it feels like to get less than what you paid for. 


It's advisable you contact Upwork support for the best approach. 



Emmanuel E

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Sorry to hear your experience. Please get in touch with the Upwork support team and they will sort it out.

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Am sorry about that experience. I am also a freelance here is my link https://www.upwork.com/workwith/billh11. Again am sorry for the inconveniences they made you go through.

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