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i cant hire a freelancer

I have been trying for the last couple hours to send through a contract to a freelancer to 'hire' them. I reviewed the proposal and pressed 'hire' but I can't complete the form. Once I fill the form out and tick the 'I agree to the Terms and Conditions' box, the 'hire *name of freelancer* button is grey and inactive. I can't send the contract through and, therefore, can't hire them. All my billing information is updated and correct, my buisness contact info and address is entered, I'm unsure why this isn't working. 

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hello i make a new client account on upwork but i dont be able to hire any one or upwork not working properly and show a navigation page can you plz help me and set my account 

Hi Ali,


Can you please try clearing your browser's cookies or use a different browser? Let me know if the same issue persists and I'll look into that further for you. 


~ Arjay
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 issue is solve Thank you!

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