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i need a project

i need  website development, design project and software development project 


re: "i need  website development, design project and software development project "



Thank you for your post. As I client, I have had this type of work done by Upwork contractors and have been very pleased with the results.


This is the Community Forum, where clients and contractors discuss the ways in which we can best use the Upwork platform. This isn't the right place for posting a job posting.

If you will simply post your job listing on the main Upwork.com website, you'll be able to get the work done that you need. You should feel free to contact Upwork Customer Support if you have questions about how to do that.


Just a few additional details:

At this stage in your project, you will have the most success if you start by hiring two or three different web development experts and/or project managers to simply consult with you on an hourly basis to help you formulate your strategy for moving forward.


If you were my best friend, I would tell you:

"Umar, hire 3 different developers and talk to each of them on the phone or via Skype for 30 minutes. Then have each of them write up their recommendations for you and email you a report. Plan to spend between $10 to $90 per hour for each of these people. Limit their time to no more than 2 hours per week. Close their contracts after they send you their recommendation report."


With the information these individuals provide, you will know more about what to do next. You might even re-hire one of these contractors to continue working as a project manager or lead developer.


Please understand that for your project you will need to hire at least 2 people - a project manager and a SEPARATE lead developer. And you will almost certainly want to hire at least 4 different people:

- project manager

- lead web developer

- lead software developer

- lead designer